White Dispossession and the Racialization of American Politics Accelerate

The Occidental Observer | April 1, 2011 || Ron Brownstein’s aptly named “The Next America” is a tale of increasingly rapid White dispossession. Key quotes:

From every angle, the results showed that the nation’s transformation into a “majority-minority” nation is proceeding even faster than expected. Nationally, the overall share of the non-Hispanic white population dropped from 69.1 percent in 2000 to 63.7 in 2010, a greater decline than most analysts anticipated. In a mirror image, the minority population grew from 30.9 percent in 2000 to 36.3 percent in 2010.

Given that the White percentage includes Jews and Middle Eastern people who do not identify as White (or vote like most Whites), the White population of European descent is likely below 60%.

The change over the past decade was especially dramatic among young people. In the new census, 46.5 percent of people under 18 were minority, a dramatic jump from 39.1 percent in 2000. As recently as last summer, demographers projected that minorities would make up a majority of the under-18 population sometime after 2020. At the current rate of growth, however, nonwhites will comprise a majority of children in the United States by 2015. And because of the explosive minority growth in the youth population—the people who will form families and become parents in the coming years—the nonwhite share of the overall population is likely to grow even faster over the next decade, says Brookings Institution demographer William Frey.

If the minority share of the vote increases in 2012 by the same rate it has grown in presidential elections since 1992, it will rise to about 28 percent nationally. By itself, that could substantially alter the political playing field from 2010, when the minority vote share sagged to just 22 percent. It means that if Obama can maintain, or even come close to, the four-fifths share of minority votes that he won in 2008, he could win a majority of the national popular vote with even less than the 43 percent of whites he attracted last time.

This would mean that  Republicans would have to come to the realization that only a super-landslide of White votes can win them the presidency. And they have to realize that their future as a competitive party in national elections is dim indeed–unless they do something to stop these trends while they have a bit of power. But they won’t. Texas is typical:

“Anglos still dominate the [Texas] electorate and will for a while longer, but every election for the rest of your lifetime will have a higher percentage of Latinos and a lower percentage of Anglos than the previous one,” says sociologist Stephen Klineberg of Rice University.

The only solution for the  Republicans offered in the article (stop me if you’ve heard this before)  is to court Latino support.

Republicans cannot win if they allow Obama to keep two-thirds of the Latino vote he attracted in 2008. The first step toward turning some of that support, he contends, is aggressively pursuing those voters with Spanish-language advertising.

But what do Latino voters want? More Latinos (aka “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”) and lots of government benefits. (Brownstein calls the Republican opposition to illegal immigration “a sharp right turn” [!!]) The result would a dystopia where the two major parties compete to cater to an increasingly large, poorly educated, low-IQ population of non-Whites. One would think that at some point Whites would wake up to the realization that this just isn’t working for them.

And to illustrate the gap between the priorities of the traditional White majority and what this new non-White soon-to-be majority wants, consider Texas, the topic of another Brownstein article (“Texas Hold ‘Em“). Brownstein makes it very clear where his political sympathies lie, and it’s not with White folks:

The census starkly frames the challenge of equipping minority children with the education and skills they’ll need to ascend into the middle class. Once, that might have been viewed as a question of social justice; it is clearly now an issue of economic necessity. The census found that nonwhites comprise nearly 47 percent of Americans under 18, with Hispanics and African-Americans representing almost four-fifths of that total. Those two groups lag whites in virtually all measures of educational attainment (such as high school graduation) and well-being (such as access to health care). Unless the nation closes those gaps, it will struggle to produce a labor force capable of attracting decent-paying jobs, competing internationally, and generating enough tax revenue to tame the federal debt.

As usual, the only thing needed to get Blacks and Latinos up to White levels of educational attainment is more money. IQ never enters the  picture.  But the evil Republican governor, Rick Perry, who got 84% of his votes from Whites, refuses to raise taxes to accomplish this. Whites probably also account a vastly disproportionate share of the total tax revenue for the state, and not surprisingly, they don’t want to provide yet more public services for people unlike themselves. This, of course, is a basic principle of evolutionary psychology, as scientists like Frank Salter have found: People are unwilling to contribute to public goods to people unlike themselves. This is a huge cost of diversity never mentioned by those who paint a picture of the harmonious multicultural future of America.

So we are headed to an Atlas Shrugged situation: An increasingly low-IQ population in need of massive levels of government services supported by increasingly reluctant racially different tax payers. Not a good recipe for a peaceful future.

By Kevin MacDonald on April 1, 2011

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    I agree totally that we must maintain a certain population of highly intelligent people. Without these people and a general population of at least average intelligence we can look for our nation to eventually sink to the depths and standards of Third World countries, and we know what this would consist of, 'Disorder'!

  2. mac says:

    We just need to physically get rid of these non-whites by any means necessary! But first we need to seriously get rid or these other whites that would try to stop us because of their liberal, unaware of what is really happening, eyes closed mentality.

    • Brandon says:

      Using any means is not very smart for our cause, what we need is peaceful solutions such as stopping illegal immigration and deporting illegal immigrants. Also more restrictions need to be put on legal immigration too, since the country can become too crowded.

    • mac says:

      Correction. That should read "get rid of these other whites."

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    I can certainly relate to your obvious frustration mac. But at this particular point in time in our nations history it would appear that the Left-wing nut jobs in our society have the upper hand, at least for the moment. What with the control of the Mainstream Media, Public education, and just about every level of our Federal and State government., they would like to see our country devolve into economic and social chaos so that they can have an excuse to tighten the noose around our peoples necks, having them becoming more and more dependent upon Big Government.
    This is the only reason I can see why people like Obama and those like him in power continue to drive our nation further and further in dept. They would like to see all hell break loose in this nation ,because they know they're in a good position to take advantage of such an event. It's for this reason that the A3P must continue to organize and grow to meet the historical challenges we're to face in the future.

    • mac says:

      We need control of the mainstream media or our own. And put our people in Public Ed., and Federal and Local Governments. And we need to become F.B.I. agents, police officers, lawyers, and judges and politics.. We need to get inside, then we can change the outside.

  4. tma_sierrahills says:

    Thoughtful genocide reminder door hangers.

    In a California county that is over 90 percent White, yesterday found a door hanger put out by the Kohl's people, the Illinois-based store chain that opened a store here several months ago. On the slick multi-color card-stock hanger, which folds out to about 1/2 by 1-1/2 feet, are 8 human images, one of which is clearly White. On the front cover are two small kids, apparently brother and sister, will admit as cute as the dickens, who appear to be Chinese-European, with a repeat of their photos on the back cover. Inside, besides the 'white guy,' are 2 young black women and a smaller photo of a young girl that appears to be Hispanic/Latina.. But, wait, no Muslim woman peering out of a burqa? Dear Kohl's: You haters!

  5. Lisel says:

    You wont like this but here it is. The most important thing anyone can do is have more European children and encourage others to do so. This is more important than anything else. If this means changing our expectations, revising our rituals then so be it. Men should just say to women I wont marry you until you are pregnant. Imagine the outrage. The lack of focus on population growth shows we truly do not understand the full ramifications of our situation. This invasions from without and within are ones of numbers whether there is agitation or not (although this will always be in the inevitable outcome). Everyone reading this site would think THEY are worthy of more children because they are of average or above average intelligence to glimpse what is going on. So then?

    Focusing on strengthening the family, on showing how white families is being ridiculed and attacked and showing the false way for what it is, is essential. Why is this not a central theme of the work here. The only growing groups of whites in America are the Christians, Amish etc Why? Because they know this simple truth – demography is life.

    At the moment we are a dying tribe because we lack new life. Voting is all well and good but it means nothing if we have no children to carry on. Why does America have abortion clinics? It has the best birth control in the world. Abortion is barbaric and dangerous so why is it used as birth control to the extent that it is? At least ask yourself these questions. And as for birth control, the estrogen in the being released into the water from urine is damaging the environment – that is one large source of the hormonal change around us.

    And some advice. Get away from the west coast, it can't be revived.

    • mac says:

      Yes Lisel, we can revive and take back the west coast. Just like in the movie Braveheart, I say 'We can beat this army.' But not with a give it up attitude. Don't give up Lisel. Keep a Braveheart.

  6. James_in_SoCal says:

    Abandoning any state would be a tragic mistake and have children is only part of the issue, its been stated that we need Quality not just quanity. Also it takes at least two generations to start to make a come back and as long as ultra-feminists promote women putting careers before families we Whites will continue to see low numbers.

    As far as abortion clinics go, I've read that the majority of abortions are performed on 'minorities' and Planned Parenthood is mostly focused on minorities as well. So regardless of how one feels about them, I believe they are 'stemming' the rise of minorites.
    That being said, Perhaps White women should be discouraged from abortions (but in cases of rape/incest, women should be allowed to do as they feel is best) and if they really feel they do not want the child, encourage them to give the child up for adoption to a loving White family.

    • lisel says:

      Yes thank you James for thinking about this. I agree with you about the ultra feminists but they are not going to have children anyway. We must begin this encouragement within our own communities. Nothing else is more important, wouldn't you agree whether it takes a couple of generations doesn't matter – gotta start somewhere. As for the quality vs quantity. Right now I'll settle for quantity.

      Of course there are cases for abortion. Absolutely. Death of mother, serious medical issue with foetus, rape, incest etc but not abortion as a method of birth control. The idea that minorities are the main users of abortion may or may not be true, that statistic is hard to really find out. However, we do know that white women are the main users of estrogen birth control which is causing changes in the environment and ensuring a feminized hormone is flooding our waterways. This is reason boys voices do not break anymore.

      • James_in_SoCal says:

        Very much true about the Ultra fems, though I was more concerned about how they 'expect' other women to put career before family and promoting the heavy use of birth control and going out and having multiple sex partners. I understand we need to start somewhere, I didn't mean not to try, that is for sure, I thinks its an up hill fight is all. The only problem with 'quanity' at this point is the fact that most will not be on our side as they will be brainwashed into self-genocide.

        Indeed hard facts are hard to find, however I personally have never seen a Planned parenthood clinic outside low-income heavy minority areas.

  7. JamesinUSA says:

    One of the reasons for our people having such a low birthrate is the unfortunate fact that we're too busy working and paying others, namely nonwhites, to have children. Being the predominately rational and logical people that we are, we have found it difficult to work and be able to afford more kids of our own. On the otherhand, nonwhites have found that on top of being poor and recieving the tax breaks that comes with having more kids, even if you don't work at all ,can have its financhial benefits. That, and the fact that we are not exactly dealing with a people who are personally responsible or rational when it comes to procreation.
    The only real solution for this in part, is to have those people who are recieving welfare and whose expected children will be a drain on society, to be strilized ,or be on some sort of birth control, if not but temporarily , at least until their financhial status improves, if ever! And this of course would apply only to citizens. Illegal aliens would be sent packing!

    • James_in_SoCal says:

      Very much the truth!

      Personal responsiblity is a four-letter word nowadays.

      Force strilization, might be a bit extreme, I think taking away the incentive of the Welfare life style would go along way and revoking instant citizenship of children born of non-citizens would also stem the tide of hand-out seeking Illegal aliens. Welfare should have never become a life choice for able bodied people.

  8. Dick Lancaster says:

    When Nixon invented the catagory "hispanic" he simply wiped out a lot of "whites" statistically speaking. So you purists can relax. Your race ins't disappearing as fast as you might think. But your freedoms are.

    • James_in_SoCal says:

      Mind telling that to the FBI? They have no catagory for Hispanic. Its only White, black, Asian/pacific islander and Native American. According to them Hispanics (and Middle easterners) don't commit crimes.