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Thread: Harry Bertrum, a true patriot.

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    Exclamation Harry Bertrum, a true patriot.


    Here are the elections results for Gov. of West Virginia,.. and even though Harry Bertrum didn't win the election, it was no great surprise or disappointment, because I'm sure no one thought he could win at this point in time anyway.
    The important thing, is that he was able to get on the ballot, and in doing so, spread the message of the A3P and give our party greater name recognition, and for him to gain valuble experience.
    All great political parties and movements have started out with humble beginnings, and ours will be no different, but the main point is that Harry Bertrum ran a great campaign and showed that he has what it takes to be a leader in the American Third Position.

    Good job Harry!

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    I will keep spreading the message like I always do.

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    What I read was 1,111 more A3P possible party members. Get a district voting map from your Supervisor of Elections and look at key areas where those votes came from and start door knocking for this and any future campaigns. Best wishes.

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