Crime. Taking back our communities.

Our country is become increasingly dangerous. The slow decline in the welfare of our people and nation has been marked by a striking willingness on the behalf of the ruling political-establishment to accept rampant crime as a way of life, as if it were always this bad, and as if we were actually incapable of stopping crime or effecting change in our environment at all. Our people, having given up on an establishment that puts the rights of criminals above the rights of victims, have had to alter their everyday behaviors and reconstruct every aspect of their lives to simply stay alive and keep from being victimized. Our prisons are so overflowing with criminals that, in many cases, criminals are released early, only to perpetrate an offense once more. The happiness and welfare of our people has been sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

In every major city throughout the nation, our people’s movement has been absolutely restricted. There are entire cities that have become off-limits to the Americans who founded them. The ordinary citizenry have abandoned the idea of walking anywhere, for fear of becoming the victim of a violent criminal murderer, rapist, or robber. While the ruling elite drones on endlessly about the rights of criminals, our people must bar their windows and keep from venturing out of the house at night.

Our people have a right to feel and be safe. We should not have to move from one town to the next to escape criminal gangs who roam free as the hands of the police and the criminal justice system are bound by political correctness. We shouldn’t have to worry about the legality of defending ourselves and our families and homes as they are attacked by criminals. Criminals shouldn’t have any rights at the expense of the safety and welfare of good, law-abiding people. The A3P will absolutely never grovel about our right to safety to criminals or to the politicians who support them. We will put these common sense principles back into practice, without hesitation.

Deport Criminal Aliens to Serve Their Sentences Abroad

While our prisons overflow to such a degree as to merit consideration on behalf of the political establishment to release criminals back into our streets, criminal aliens comprise an increasing proportion of the prison population. In fact, in 2005, they comprised 27% of the federal prison population. Our tax monies pay to feed, house, and cloth violent, criminal aliens who enter our borders and harm our people. That we pay even one red cent to keep them within our borders is absurd.

The A3P will immediately expel all foreign criminals from within the confines of our prison system to serve their sentences abroad. This will be expensed to the respective governments of the lands from which they came. We will also require compensation for the cost of imprisoning their criminals, providing a bill for our service. Governments who refuse to pay for their criminals will face economic sanctions. We will also make every effort necessary to criminalize the act of harboring and protecting illegal aliens who commit criminal offenses of any nature. Those who helped employ or house criminal aliens must face consequences for their actions, just as the victims of the criminal aliens did.

Allow Victims Absolute Freedom in Defending Themselves and Their Property

The right to self-defense and to defend one’s family and property is not something that man has the authority to grant or deny. These rights are inalienable. Never should there be a situation in which a person has to ask if he or she is justified in pursuing a course of self-defense, or in defending the lives of others. Our people have a right to life. We have a right to protect our friends, our family, and the things that we rely on for our livelihood.

It is our position, then, that there should be no restriction on defense. We acknowledge that we do not have the authority to tell people that they cannot look after themselves.

Bring Order to Prisons

While a number of ivory tower-type commissions and reports have asserted that, in order to bring about a better justice system, prisoners need more phone calls and visiting time, that violent instigators shouldn’t face segregation or other implements to quell insurrection in prison, and that all prisoner privileges should be expanded in general, prisons have absolutely lost all control of prisoners.

The A3P will do whatever it takes to end the out-of-control violence prevalent in prisons today. It is our decision as a community and a nation as to how and to what degree someone ought to be punished for a crime, not the decision of an inmate, a gang, or anyone who does not represent the will of the nation. We will reintroduce corporal punishment into prisons, to be administered by an authority outside the prison system. Those who commit crime in prison will be made to respect the law. Guards, wardens, and prison officials who knowingly allow for violence will face criminal charges. An outside agency will be tasked to monitor prisons and prisoners. All of these positions will be held accountable and will answer to the people of this nation, who these institutions are tasked to serve.

We believe, too, that a part of restoring order to prison is providing prisoners a purpose and giving meaning to their stays in prison. Expanding the relationship between imprisonment and labor in public-works projects will help both to exercise this belief and to better rehabilitate prisoners, so that they might be better prepared for life beyond prison.

There are many public-works projects that need doing beyond cleaning up roadside garbage. Constructing the vast networks of roads and freeways that are a part of our plans for infrastructure expansion is one example of a meaningful job that wont bring great detriment to other industry and that could mean a huge cost-savings to us, the taxpayer.

Introduce Automatic Sentences for Repeat Offenders

While we recognize that, as it stands now, prison is not a great tool for rehabilitation and reentrance back into society, a flawed system serves as no reasonable excuse for released prisoners to commit further crime. Although the criminal justice system should be intended to rehabilitate criminals, its primary purpose is to keep our people safe. Accordingly, it is our policy to incentivize becoming a law-abiding citizen upon being released from prison. In order to provide a deterrent to would-be criminals, repeat offenders will face stiff and automatic sentences under an A3P system.

Restore Justice

Maintaining the sanctity of the rule of law requires that the law be observed in every case and that it be applied in a uniform fashion to all. There should not be a certain set of laws for one group of people and another set for a different group of people. And if people are to be judged on their character instead of by their deeds alone, it should have nothing to do with religion, race, or political persuasion. To do as much is tyranny, and the A3P will not sit idly by as it continues.

In the same spirit, the criminal justice system should not be influenced by cultural, political, or religious institutions. The system is in place to keep our people safe. Police should be chasing down burglars, rapists, and murderers, not serving as a group to attack and imprison those of a certain political, religious, ethnic, or cultural persuasion. We will do our best to criminalize the act of influencing the system in that manner, bringing charges against supremacist groups who do try to use the police force and criminal justice system as their own personal army.

Until such a system is in place as to keep negative influences from affecting the criminal justice system, we need a measure to ensure that innocent people aren’t harmed by charges that are motivated by anything other than stopping crime and maintaining safety. That is, we believe that those accused of a crime have a right to anonymity until proven guilty in a court of law.