Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid. Charity starts at home.

America is a sovereign nation. We have neither an obligation nor a responsibility to provide eternally for the undeveloped countries of the world, who, through their own ineptitude, have not raised their standard of living. It is absolutely immoral to take money from our own citizens, many of whom are in need of charity themselves, against their will, to give to other peoples half a world away. We believe that charity starts at home and that it ought to remain here until there is absolutely no American left with a need for it.

It is also morally reprehensible and undemocratic to use foreign aid to influence the politics and policies of foreign, sovereign nations. The A3P condemns these practices and regards them as part of a twisted, imperialist worldview.

The only foreign aid that we will consider is that aid required by nations working to repatriate its citizens – those who have mistakenly come to America in the belief that it was our interest they benefit from the fruits of our labor. We will help those foreign governments, in every possible way, to return to them their citizens.