Arizona A3P Candidate Ralph Brandt Wants To Make Sure White People Are Fairly Represented

Flag of Mesa, ArizonaCandidate for Mesa, Arizona council seat, Ralph Brandt spoke about his run for office and issues concerning white Americans.

Mr. Brandt, who is running for Mesa’s District three council seat, says he wants to level out the playing field and make sure white people are fairly represented.

ABC15 Staff writer, Navideh Forghani, writes “While some view these thoughts as racist, Brandt says he wants to make sure everyone is equally represented and that’s one of the reasons he’s running. He also wants to take a closer look at how Mesa city government is spending taxpayer money.”

In an interview by ABC15, Mr. Brandt pointed out

“White people are actually afraid to speak up in their own interests because they are afraid of being labeled Nazis, so that has to come to an end sometime,” said Brandt.

The American Third Position believes the U.S. government discriminates against white Americans. Ralph Brandt is a member of American Third Position and Director of the Arizona chapter. During the interview, Mr. Brandt said

“We have the NAACP, but we have no NAAWP,” said Brandt. “We have the black caucus (Congressional Black Caucus) but not white caucus (Congressional White Caucus).”

There is also the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

Brandt needs the support of more than 200 registered voters in his district before his name can officially be placed on the ballot. Anyone who is interested in volunteering for Ralph Brandt to obtain signatures and promote his campaign can contact American Third Position here.

*Source ABC15

Campaign contributions for Ralph Brandt can be made online (below) or mailed directly to

Committee to Elect Ralph Brandt
P.O. Box 5624
Mesa, AZ 85211

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  1. Christopher says:

    Controversial candidate? More like an articulate candidate. If Mr. Brandt is willing to speak up for my interests, than the least I can do is make a contribution to his campaign. Godspeed Ralph.

  2. Jenab6 says:

    The US government does discriminate against white Americans.

    When George W. Bush took office for the first term, John Ashcroft revealed that his Clintonista predecessor, Janet Reno, had a policy in which the death penalty would be sought in capital cases as a percentage depending on the race of the accused. Whites accused of capital crimes in federal courts were more likely to find that the prosecutor had asked for the death penalty, as compared with black or Hispanic defendants.

    During the Reagan years, Mary Berry, a black woman who held the position of chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights, said "Civil rights were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them." For a long time, many Americans believed that Ms. Berry was simply a black racist who had been very inappropriately given a job she obviously did not deserve. But it turned out later that the US Department of Justice really does think that way. They really do proceed as if civil rights laws protected everyone except white men, which means that the US government and some of its laws are racist. And the official definition of what racism is, is itself racist. Against white people.

    The US Trademark office made the racist decision that "White Pride" can't be registered as a trademark because it is "offensive"; however, the same office had previously granted trademark status to Black Pride, Asian Pride, Latino Pride, and so on.

    Of course the US government is racist. That is why it is foolish for any white person to support it in any way.

  3. Stephen Tontz says:

    We need more people with the courage to run on the A3P ticket. I'd like to send Ralph Brandt a contribution to his campaign.


    • American3P says:

      Thanks Mr. Tontz, Ralph Brandt will acknowledge you personally for your contribution! I agree with your comments!

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    I feel the day is coming soon, when the issues Mr. Brandt are addressing on behalf of White Americans will no longer be controversial, but rather the norm. And it's about time!