Environment. Taking responsibility.

The A3P is committed to a beautiful, clean, and healthy America. We are happy to fulfill our obligation to future generations, handing over to them a land in a state better than which it was received. And we are proud to honor generations past by tending to the land they gave to us.

We want a land that is absolutely free of pollution, and we mean it. We will enforce laws designed to protect our environment from both businesses and individuals. We truly believe that it is the duty of everyone to protect what belongs to us all.

Our ocean should not be filled with sewage and waste. Our rivers should not be contaminated with anything beyond a fishing lure – and that is only while we’ve got a line in. Our drinking water should not contain substances that do us harm. Our children shouldn’t have to breathe poisonous, brown air.

We will not simply go through the motions, only making it appear as if we care. We do care, and we will restore our environment to a state of pristine beauty.