Education. Not Indoctrination.

The same schools that once served to transfer to our children the knowledge, skills, culture, and traditions necessary to maintain the very existence of our nation are now controlled by multiculturalists, cultural Marxists, and other extremists who use schools as vehicles to indoctrinate our children against the values of our people, into a world of guilt, where they are expected to be ashamed of their past. Schools that once served to mold our youth into adults capable of sending a man to the moon appear now to serve solely as places to advance the ideas and cause of the ruling political elite. We cannot let this practice continue.

Just as shocking as the use of our public schools as centers for political indoctrination is their incredible inefficiency. In nearly every case, a private school is less expensive than a comparable public school, in respect to location. In many cases, public schools are strikingly more expensive, with many spending five figures per annum on each student, in an effort to boost falling standardized test scores. Amazingly, even as spending per student has increased, in real terms, more than 200% since the 1960’s while tests scores have continually fallen, the elitists continue in their belief that more spending is the proper solution.

Each day that we continue to spend tax money on public schools that are less efficient and more costly than private schools, we are destroying value – wasting scarce resources. To combat this problem, and to shield our children from the damaging influence of those who seek to destroy Western culture, we will introduce a system of vouchers to allocate tax monies for education through high school. For each one of its children, a family will be given a voucher to spend on either private or public school, introducing competition – an American tradition – back into the education system.

As the American Third Position believes in freedom for all people, we recognize that every community has an inalienable right to determine what enters the minds of its children. The A3P will force no child to be taught a certain political, religious, or cultural doctrine. We will ensure that all political, religious, and cultural doctrine is kept out of public schools, and we will guarantee the right of private- and home-schools to teach their respective student bodies whatever the community and parents deem appropriate.

Of course, we recognize that there must be a somewhat uniform and mandatory core curriculum established in order that one student can be measured against another, in order that one school can be measured against another, and in order that we effectively pass on to our children the knowledge required to maintain our nation in future. Accordingly, we will hold all schools – both public and private – to a certain standard. That is, if it becomes apparent that a school is not meeting the standard, it will become ineligible to be paid for by voucher.

In keeping with the spirit with which this nation was founded, and recognizing the freedom of all peoples and all communities, we will protect the right of every community and every private school to select its student body. For public schools, we believe students should be accepted based on merit and that racist policies, such as racial quotas in admissions and preferences in allocating public money to students based on racial criteria, ought to be made illegal.

Finally, while a free market system is great to introduce competition, we must take measures to ensure the livelihood of our people. Until the cost of college ceases to rise in near-exponential fashion, we must limit the demand for college education by restricting non-citizens from being admitted into our schools, public or otherwise.