Rule of Law

Rule of Law. Restore order.

The A3P will restore law , order, and public confidence. We are not interested in respecting the rights of people who harm others, while failing to observe the rights of their victims. We will unbind the hands of our law enforcement officers and we will free up the court system in order that the rule of law is maintained.

Our people have a right to feel safe and secure, wherever they’re at. They should not have to move from town to town as each one is lost to violent, criminal gangs, while the Republicats look on with indifference.

Maintaining the sanctity of the rule of law requires that the law be observed in every case and that it be applied in a uniform fashion to all. There should not be a certain set of laws for one group of people and another set for a different group of people. We believe that people who commit similar crimes ought to face similar punishment.