Democracy. More. Not less.

Our forefathers fought bloody battles to secure our freedom. They wanted to bequeath to their children a nation free from tyranny, where our people could live in liberty and in peace. They believed that there exist certain inalienable rights that men have the authority to neither grant nor deny. While these rights were acknowledged in the United States Constitution, they exist only in our willingness and ability to protect them.

Today, in nearly every case, the will of the people is absolutely ignored. Time and time again, on issues concerning every aspect of our lives, democracy has been abandoned by politicians who knowingly deceive our people and disregard our will . In case after case, the Republicans and Democrats have colluded in an effort to effect unwanted change. Disregarding our wishes with respect to immigration, sovereignty, and even sending our children to fight and die in unnecessary and unwanted wars, the Republicrats have left our people with no real choice, and they have shown their disregard for the sacrifices of our forefathers.

We believe that what our forefathers fought for was right. We want more of what they fought for, not less. We cherish democracy and we honor their sacrifice. We believe that all people have a right to speak freely about any issue. Only a weak position cannot withstand criticism.

We believe that all people have a right to self-defense, from an attacker, an intruder, a tyrannical government, or otherwise. If the ability to vote is a meaningful thing, and if every American has the potential to vote and to affect the lives of others, certainly those same people are responsible enough to have the ability to see to their own defense, should the need arise.

We believe that all peoples have a right to associate freely. Communities should be formed by consensus, not by threat of violence, imprisonment, or death. We will end forced “enrichment” and other tyrannical and racist practices that treat people as subjects to be administered, in certain proportions, in schools, at work-sites, and in communities, as part of a social experiment. Parents have a right to choose where and with whom their children are schooled, and neighborhoods have a right to make the decisions that will impact them.

We believe that people have the right to determine who benefits from the fruits of their labor; taking monies from one unwilling person and giving it to another more-than-willing person is immoral and undemocratic. The A3P was formed to represent the will of the majority, who have been denied representation for decades. We will restore those same inalienable rights our forefathers fought for. We will give cause for the government to observe and carry out the will of our people. We will be free again.