A3P Metro N.Y. October Meetup Report

A3P N.Y. Metro MeetupThe American Third Position, Metro N.Y. Chapter hosted an October Meetup for local members this past week.

We discussed increasing activism and how to grow party membership and a sustainable political movement.

The meeting began with up-to-the-minute Metro N.Y. area activism. Since January the Metro N.Y. A3P attended a variety of local outdoor shows and events of interest to white Americans.

Next we talked about National A3P happenings

  • Harry Bertram’s W.Va. campaign for Governor, other A3P chapters (CA, AZ, IN, PA)
  • Ralph Brandt’s upcoming campaign for office in Mesa, AZ
  • Website updates
  • Membership
  • Party news
  • The Nationalist Times
  • Weekly leadership conferences

Upcoming A3P N.Y. Metro tasks will be to report on the “Occupy Wall Street” protests; keeping an eye on the New Jersey E-Verify legislation; and increasing local activism.

How can we increase awareness and membership?

Techniques of effective activism involves

  • Continuously recruiting new members
  • Use current members effectively by making it easy for them to volunteer for effective roles
  • Meet regularly so people have the opportunity to network, inspire and be inspired by each other

Methods to actively engage the public at implicitly white events is best achieved by having an Information Booth–with an A3P banner–or Literature Table available for distribution of free brochures, pamphlets, cards, and leaflets. Like-minded white Americans and others can help themselves to these materials. Some types of events are

  • Political events
  • Ethnic events and Festivals (Italian, Polish, German, etc.)
  • Parades (such as the recent Columbus Day Parade)
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events (Harry Bertram actively campaigned at the WVU football games)
  • Second Amendment gun shows

Regularly scheduled Meetups is an effective tool to greet new members and keep abreast of A3P activity. A future project is to organize regional A3P Meetups nationwide.


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  1. Vote turn-out says:

    The American third position should look into the use of lobbying and public relations and marketing companies .

    One such group I found in Alabama targets voters in the State. In the U.K, the BNP has used such groups in the past. I'm sure each State has similar organizations and nation-wide organizations exist also.

    "In order to win in today’s competitive political environment, you need an election plan based on solid advice and experience. Public Strategy Associates has the experience and the winning record necessary to ensure that you are making the right decisions each step of the way.

    Whether you are an incumbent seeking re-election, a challenger to a long-time elected official or a candidate for an open-seat, we have the know-how to achieve victory. Our principals have experience in working with first-time candidates, thirty-year incumbents and everything in between.

  2. Jason says:

    Nice to see White New Yorkers meet around shared interests. New York media and New York finance are a big part of the woes facing White America, but there are a lot of Whites there who are more than willing to take a stand.

    I hesitate to say the OWS crowd is misguided. I think there are a lot of people there with different viewpoints, and some of the platforms offered by American3p definitely coincide with the demands of the protesters, such as ending offshoring and regulating Big Finance. The problem is a lot of these people (who are mostly White) are trained to hate themselves. Maybe A3P can send some activists down there to at least distribute some literature.

    • sonicwhip says:

      Well you certainly wont lose anything from outreaching to such a large gathering of people no matter what views they hold.

  3. sonicwhip says:

    Im going to start spreading some A3P literature at the occupy Miami event that is happening here. I encourage all other members to join in on the occupy protests and do the same.