Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve. Toward a more sound system.

We are told that the purpose of the Federal Reserve, which was established in 1913, is to provide economic stability and help stave off inflation. However, fractional-reserve banking does the very opposite. It is responsible for the business cycles – the booms and busts – that are so very harmful to our people and their businesses. It is responsible for inflation, which is the decrease in the purchasing power of our dollars, and which is a sort of tax paid, through diluting our currency, to the Banksters who designed our disastrous economic system. Finally, the Federal Reserve’s practice of creating money as debt issuance creates a system wherein there is always more debt than money to pay it. This requires that our economy grow at an unnatural rate and gives cause for our government to bring in hordes of unwanted immigrants in effort to achieve this unnatural growth rate.

To restore ownership of the American economy to its rightful owners – the people of the United States of America – we will incorporate the Federal Reserve into the United States Treasury, making it an actual federal component. We will make illegal the practice of fractional-reserve banking. We will grant solely the government the right to create, issue, and regulate money, and money will be circulated through investments in infrastructure becoming of a federal government.