A3P So Cal Revisits Huntington Beach

This last Saturday, December 11th, party members from A3P’s Southern California branch held yet another public outreach event in their familiar Orange County stomping ground of Huntington Beach. Per their usual program, A3P’s SoCal activist team set up their Truth Booth at the mouth of the Huntington Beach pier, an area highly trafficked by beach-goers from all over the country.

A3P’s SoCal activists determined prior to the event that they would speak with interested passersby about the Dream Act, the establishment’s latest attempt to legitimize the invasion of our country. With Southern California having for decades experienced the brunt of illegal immigration, A3P’s activists expected their outreach to be welcomed by considerable interest. A good portion of the people they spoke with, however, had not even heard of the Dream Act. Several other people, although more informed, were surprisingly apathetic about the proposed legislation (having already passed in the House of Representatives).

“We went into the day hoping to find people furious with the actions of our government,” reported Mitch Stevens. “I was shocked to find the majority of people I spoke with were entirely unaware of our government’s latest amnesty proposal. “

Stacey Winters, A3P’s lone female in attendance, had this to say: “We really did expect a greater degree of interest. The people we talked to who did know of the Dream Act seemed almost resigned to its passage and the passage of similar legislation in the future. Although virtually everyone agreed that the DA is an invitation to even more invaders, none considered the possibility that we as Americans have the power to determine who enters our land.”

Brian Alexander was the only one of Saturday’s activist trio to encounter argument favoring the Dream Act. “One fellow I spoke with regurgitated the establishment line about “fairness” and the “innocence” of illegals brought to our country as children by their illegal-immigrant parents. I pointed out to him that true fairness is a nation’s ability to govern itself. I stressed that it is unfair for people to come to our country against our will.”

Saturday’s outreach particularly highlighted the enormous chasm separating the establishment’s agenda from the interests and desires of ordinary Americans. Even more specifically, it demonstrated the effect such disconnect has had on our people. Although our country was founded on the idea of self-governance, a good portion of our people seem to have given up this idea and, instead, surrendered to tyranny. Decades of confusion politics and anti-American legislation have left many Americans with a sense of hopelessness and political impotence.

Members of the American Third Position understand that the fate of future generations rests on our ability to reawaken our people’s hunger for liberty. The A3P aspires to challenge the establishment by providing our people an alternative to the policies pushed on us for decades by treacherous establishment politicians. Although assuredly an uphill battle, outreach events like those held by our Southern California branch are initial steps on the road to changing the way our nation is governed.

Join the American Third Position, and help us to create a movement capable of frustrating the designs of greedy elites bent on the destruction of our country. Our people deserve an alternative. Together, we can win!

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  1. Bon of Babble says:

    The people we talked to who did know of the Dream Act seemed almost resigned to its passage and …none considered the possibility that we as Americans have the power to determine who enters our land.

    It should also be pointed out, especially to young Whites, that these 'new Dream Act Amerikans' will be immediately eligible for Affirmative Action privileges, displace Native Born Whites in colleges/universities, be first in line for scholarship monies unavailable to White children, and later receive preferences for jobs, promotions and advancement.

    Young Whites have the most to lose, up to and including their entire country.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    A lot of the apathetic behavior on the part of these people is the direct result of liberal propaganda and conditioning in our schools and the mainstream media. They must come to understand that this piece of legislation isn't just about giving an individual illegal immigrant the chance to become an American citizen, but also gives them the right to bring to this country their uncles, aunts, grandparents, as well as encouraging literally millions of other immigrants to come here illegal whose children will also be given the option of becoming a citizens, who in turn ,will bring even more illegal citizens.

    I can understand the initial concern for those who have been here since early childhood many of whom may speak only English and assimilated into our American culture. But if any course of action is to ever to be taken to rectify this problem, if indeed it is a problem, I believe it should done only after our borders are secured and all existing immigration laws enforced. Once these individuals find themselves back in their countries of origin, they can then apply to return just as anyone else with tight restrictions concerning skill level, financial independence, Health, and moral character.

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    We have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. There should be no more compromising on the issue of illegal immigration!

  4. joann says:

    Orange County was the last bastion of fiscal and personal responsibility in CA when I lived there 15 years ago, however, I could see the handwriting on the wall with "multi/cultural" indoctrination of UCI, state universities, and community colleges. Aided and abided by the Newport Beach globalist quest for cheap labor rescinding principles of sovereignty over profit.

    That's why I moved to Arizona ; ) … we are kicking (u know what) and talking names. Setting keystones for other state laws to adapt.

    How has the effected Arizona's economy? State expenses are diminishing due to:

    Illegal Aliens Leaving Arizona Cite as Reasons Enforcement, Lack of Amnesty
    Monday, December 13, 2010, 1:02 PM EST

    Sorry to say they are probably moving to California, my heart goes out to you all.

  5. lewis winston birm says:

    Right on!

  6. joann says:

    Thx lewis.

    I would like to refer a site that keeps daily tabs of all news feed about illegal aliens. American Patrol: http://www.americanpatrol.com/

    created and owned by, Glenn Spencer, also a CA transplant in late '90's, he purchased a ranch within a mile of the border in southern AZ, near Sierra Vista. He has dedicated the remaining part of his life to keeping an eye on the border with his airplanes, video recordings, and news site feed for all issues of illegal immigration. I check it daily.

  7. SteveT. says:

    Keep up the good work A3P. Many people like me would like to support you and help you increase your numbers.

    Steve T.

  8. John Green says:

    How many people are aware that "children" as old as 35 could apply for amnesty under the Dream Act? How many are aware that merely claiming eligibility (but without actually attending college) an illegal immigrant can get a 10 year work permit and make himself undeportable during that time?

  9. ZFect says:

    This is always so great to see. Great work guys! The preservation of our kind is so important! I continue to speak great things of the A3P and am proud to be a member of THE political party that looks out for whites.

  10. JamesinUSA says:

    If this bill had passed, that would have had millions of more prefered people being put ahead of whites for Jobs, Schools, Government programs, and who knows what else. I can well understand from a Hispanic point of view why this Bill was so important to them, but from a white perspective, this Bill was bad for our people, and that's what we have to keep in mind. White people must look at each piece of legislation and government policy and ask themselves, is this Law or Policy good for us in the long run? Because you can be rest assured that that is exactly how every minority individual and group in this country looks at what's going on in Washington. The votes that shot this anti-white bill down, and that had Tea Party candidates and more Conservative minded people placed in Congress and State Houses all around the country ,were WHITE votes, and this just goes to show what white voters in this country can achieve if we can just come together on supporting political candidates and issues that will have a positive effect on us as a people and generations to come. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    • Bon of Babble says:


      We can make a difference. For now. But we are still being overwhelmed with unfettered legal and illegal immigration from the Third World. Until a stop is put to this, the border sealed, illegals deported, legal immigration stopped, H-1B and the refugee business criminalized, all bets for the future of this country are off.

      We are being demographically flooded with no end in sight and will be politically outnumbered soon as well. Until and unless politicians work in the best interests of Whites, we are far from done and should not rest easy and in fact should step up our efforts to end the immigration/refugee/H-1B madness.

      • JamesinUSA says:

        I agree that our immigration problem doesn't just rest with those coming here illegally buy also those who come here legally under the H-1B program.
        You would think that with our present economic troubles and high unemployment such non-sense would be stopped but it hasn't!
        It's through programs such as this that one is seeing so many Muslims coming to our nation, that and the result of our unnecessary wars in the Middle-East which has our government relocating thousands of these potential terrorist all over the United States.

  11. sonicwhip says:

    enough is enough! its time for the A3P to do a 100% take over of the senate, congress, house of representatives, executive branch, etc.
    we have to bring the traitors to justice.
    I've been permanently banned from the A3P forums for posting information about another pro white party but I still believe this is america's last hope. I've been printing up alot of these pages and using them as literature to distribute, my favorite is the "stand with A3P"

  12. Guest says:

    Rather than bitch and complain, I would like to see solutions! One way would be to get a group(Tea Partiers on those local meetup group sites in each town, mine has one. Google "Ron Paul Meetup"!) to fund future sheriffs for election in each county. Whether that's a tea party group member or whatever, it does not matter. All that matters is that they be somewhat competent and each tea party group get them funding, sort of like how ron paul forums does money fundraisers for people. That IS the best way to get the ball rolling!

    Each county could do this. Their platform would be to detain illegals and then deport them. This IS a cause that I think most citizens would get behind and be willing to burden the cost of supporting, because the less illegals, the better the place has the potential of being again. It also costs a lot more to have them around milking our system.

    Really we should be doing what parts of oregon and washington does where they have low level prisnoners(non-violent misdemeaners) pick the produce and get paid half the price of illegals.

    We need solutions and ideas. I'm not leaving this lovely state for some lame ass shithole where it's freezing or 115 degrees. California really is better than any state I have ever been to.

    This is a near perfect solution. Will you please pass this on????

    I don't know why it hasn't been done already. Sherrffs have the most power under state constitutions. Just look at sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  13. JamesinUSA says:

    __ I would like to see more A3P minded people running for Sheriffs all across America as well as other positions. But whether it's for fund raising or other forms of activism, each city, county, and State needs it compliment of groups holding meetings to discuss what they need to do in order to better spread the A3P message. And I hope this guest would'nt leave their State, their town, county, or their neighborhood unless absolutely necessary. It's time to put a stop to the "White Flight" and start holding our ground!