Another Day of Successful Activism by West Virginia A3P

This past weekend, the West Virginia Chapter of the American Third Position, led by A3P WV State Chairman Harry Bertram, engaged in another successful literature distribution in Morgantown, West Virginia.

In a determined effort of face-to-face, person-to-person activism over two days, the team of A3P activists distributed many hundreds of pieces of party literature to the residents of the city.

The standard Globalism and American Jobs for American Workers fliers, as well as our Immigration tri-fold pamphlet, were eagerly accepted by the good people of West Virginia; many of whom have come to recognize the names Harry Bertram and The American Third Position due to their persistent and ongoing activism in the region.

Several of the locals remember Harry Bertram from his recent bid for Monogolia County Board of Education this past November and encouraged him to run for office again in the future.

In response Harry said, “I won’t rule out a future candidacy, if that’s what the people want.  Those statements of support and the fact that we are now recognized as a positive presence in the community show how pertinent the philosophy of The American Third Position is to regular white Americans.”

“The message of national sovereignty and cultural identity hit home with these people, as they are becoming increasingly aware of the exclusion of their interests from the common discourse of our current political system”, said Harry, “And this fact is clearly addressed in a very plain and easy to understand format in the literature that the A3P distributes.”

“It is hard for a true American to not be supportive of our position when he is given intelligent literature to read coupled with a real person there to discuss it with him,” continued Harry. “That is the way we do it here.”

Through the tireless efforts of dedicated activists like Harry Bertram and his team in West Virginia, the American Third Position is growing at an unprecedented rate with several new members coming on board every day.

The sudden surge in new membership will ensure we continually have new activists to step up and carry our message to ever more Americans.

Whatever it takes, together we can win.

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  1. crusader88 says:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging work. I hope 2012 will have a good atmosphere for independent candidates like yourself.