Camden, New Jersey: Blueprint for the Destruction of America

The announcement by the Camden, NJ, city council that it is to halve its police and firefighters’ force — less than 100 years after becoming the first American city to have mechanized fire engines — illustrates perfectly the destructive path upon which our nation has embarked.

Camden was incorporated as a city on February 13, 1828, and was quickly developed as a manufacturing and industrial center.

Amongst the many achievements of this originally majority white city, were the establishment of one of the U.S.’s first railroads, the Camden and Amboy Railroad, which was chartered in Camden in 1830.

The Camden Fire Department was officially launched in 1869 and is the oldest paid fire department in the state of New Jersey and is among the oldest in the United States.

In 1916, the department was the first in the United States that had an all-motorized fire apparatus fleet.

From 1901 through 1929, Camden was headquarters of the Victor Talking Machine Company, later known as RCA Victor. Many of the world’s first ever commercial recording studios were located there.

From 1899 to 1967, Camden was the home of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation, which at its World War II peak was the largest and most productive shipyard in the world.

In 1962, the first commercial nuclear-powered ship, the NS Savannah, was launched in Camden.

At Camden’s peak, 10,000 workers were employed at RCA, while another 40,000 worked at New York Shipbuilding.

The population of Camden rose from a humble 3,371 in 1840 to 79,318 in 2008.

Yet today, Camden is little more than a shell of its former self. Industry has all but vanished, mainly because of the gutting of American industry due to the mania of “outsourcing to the Far East.”

White Americans have also fled the growing nonwhite population, transforming the city into a “Detroit on the East Coast.”

In 2007, only 6.84 percent of the city’s population was officially classified as non-Hispanic white.

Some 50.35 percent of the city was classified black, 2.45 percent Asian, 0.54 percent Native American, 0.07 percent Pacific Islander, 22.83 percent from “other races” while 3.9 percent were from “two or more races.”

Some 42.82 percent of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race, the majority of which are Puerto Ricans.

According to 2006 data from the United States Census Bureau, 52 percent of the city’s residents live in poverty, the highest rate in the nation.

Camden is also officially America’s poorest city, with a median household income of $18,007 — this, from its once prized status as one of the leading industrial centers.

No less than three Camden mayors, all nonwhites, have been jailed for corruption.

The nonwhite school system and police department were reduced to a Third World shambles and had to be taken over by the state of New Jersey in 2005.

In 2009, Camden had the highest crime rate in the U.S. with 2,333 violent crimes per 100,000 people, compared to the national average of 455 per 100,000.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation ranked Camden as the nation’s most dangerous city in 2004, 2005, and 2009.

The story of Camden represents precisely what has gone wrong in America, in the space of one century. It has been transformed from a prosperous, thriving, and leading edge industrial giant into a Third World slum.

Industry has been sacrificed in the name of “cheaper” (and inferior) Chinese goods, and whites have fled the nonwhite-induced chaos and destruction.

Camden has, within 100 years, gone from a city which had the first mechanized fire engines, to one which now cannot afford to keep a full complement of firefighters.

It is the tale of the Third World destruction of America.

It is a tale which will be repeated up and down this country, unless white Americans act now to stop it.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    This is the result of the institutional discrimination against white people who have possessed a unique and historic position in this nation and whose rights are being violated daily.

    We don't need political theories to have us realize that because of Liberal policies and programs, that our people are being systematicaly reduced to minority status thus lessening our political,cultural, and economic influence within a nation created by whites for whites . A people who more than any other defined the very character of our country making it the envy of the world for over two hundred years.

    Today, we are the most hated nation on Earth because of the American Empire that has exploited other nations at the behest of such entities as the Military Industrial Complex, the International Oil Corperations, the State of Israel, and treasonous politicians here at home.
    An American Empire that has been partly to blame for the crumbling infrastructure and social decay we see now in places like Campton New Jersey.

  2. Minerva says:

    Being somewhat familiar with Camden, I can vouch for the fact that this article is true. It looks like a WWII city that has been repeatedly bombed. Sirens are constantly blazing. Murders are so common they no longer make the newspapers. It is beyond comprehension that anyone would even think to cut these essential services in what is for all intents and purposes a war zone.

    My brother once got lost there and stopped to ask a police officer for directions. He was told "I'll be right with you" and continued to write a report while in front of him was the chalk outline of what was obviously a murder victim. The officer acted like it was an everyday occurrence–which it probably was.

    Camden, Newark, Trenton–these were once major cities in New Jersey that were vibrant and known for their historical significance. And of course, they are matched by others across our country. The real reasons for their destruction will never be addressed or acknowledged. It is sad to see these places crumble into Third World ruins.

  3. Bon of Babble says:

    Stories such as this, outside of the lame-stream media, increasingly common on the East and West coasts, written clearly, succinctly, and accompanied by bleak photos are exactly why the Internet must remain open and free.

    And exactly why our adversaries are hell-bent on controlling and/or shutting down the Internet's content.

    For Whites, the Internet is the ONLY source of non-statist news.

    To quote Mr. Brimelow from The Internet is the most important invention since The Written Word!


  4. Rob says:

    And this is the sort of lifestyle that is encouraged to white youths on outlets like MTV nowadays.

  5. Laura says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that our white forefathers did not have much and they were able to build great cities. Then, the folks from other races populated them and tore them apart now they look like Beirut instead of the USA I grew up in. I don't see any end to it. I remember when these cities were decent places to live. The people that populate them need to stop whining about what they don't have and get off of their rear ends and contribute to society instead of taking from it! It's disgusting. It all started with LBJ's "Great Society". Right! Hello, it hasn't worked and it is NOT a great society!

  6. Native American says:

    Just remember:

    Diversity is Strength.
    War is Peace.
    Slavery is Freedom.

  7. JamesinUSA says:

    Diversity is Divisiveness! Hardly a day goes by that you don't hear of school riots somewhere between Blacks and Hispanics, Some Muslim wanting to blow us up, Discrimination against white folks, or a Jew raising hell about Christmas. All of this is a result of 'DIVERSITY'!

  8. joann says:

    Next stop after Camden … Detroit :

    Detroit Mayor Plans to Halt Garbage Pickup, Police Patrols in 20% of City; Expect Bankruptcy, Massive Municipal Bond Turmoil in 2011

    "Detroit has been bankrupt for years. It simply refuses to admit it. Detroit's schools are bankrupt as well. A mere 25% of students graduate from high school.

    Yet, in spite of hints and threats from mayors and budget commissions, and in spite of common sense talk of bankruptcy, Detroit has not pulled the bankruptcy trigger.

    In a futile attempt to stave off the inevitable one last time, Mayor Bing's latest plan is to cutoff city services including road repairs, police patrols, street lights, and garbage collection in 20% of Detroit.

    Bing to Cede 20% of Detroit to Gangs and Homeless"

    See site for remainder of story. Fair use applies for discussion only.

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