Carlos Santana’s Hate Speech Against American Workers

After being razzed by the public.

May 15, 2011 | Rock guitarist Carlos Santana may have reached a new low in hate speech against American workers when he took to a microphone on the field before the Atlanta Braves-Philadelphia Phillies game yesterday.

In response to being given a civil rights award, “the Beacon of Change Award,” Santana indicated that unemployed Black, Hispanic and White Americans who want jobs held by illegal aliens are as “racist” as those who turned the hoses and dogs on Martin Luther King and civil rights protesters in the 1960s.

His voice echoing through the stadium sound system, Mexican-born Santana told the pre-game baseball crowd in Atlanta that they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their state officials to enact a law that requires businesses to use E-Verify to ensure that jobs go to legal workers.

I represent the human race. The people of Arizona, the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Santana met with media after the game started and expanded upon his hatred of unemployed Americans. He said Georgia’s new E-Verify law is based on racism and economic anxiety.

This is about fear, that people are going to steal my job. No we ain’t. You don’t clean toilets and clean sheets, stop shucking and jiving.

Wow! First, I’m impressed that he uses the “we” to identify himself with the illegal foreign workers. And he uses the “you” to address the Black, Hispanic and White Americans who are unemployed and are complaining about an estimated 425,000 illegal foreign workers and dependents in Georgia competing in the labor market.

But Santana, like most pro-illegal-immigration activists, doesn’t have the slightest idea about the reality of American workers.

He doesn’t know that the majority of hotel housekeeping employees are Americans. He doesn’t know that the majority of custodial workers are Americans.

Santana is like most bigots who speak, not from knowledge or facts, but from the emotional hatred stuck in their guts.

Let’s take a look at the Americans Santana is calling racist for wanting laws to keep employers from keeping Americans unemployed by hiring illegal foreign workers.

Of young American adults aged 18-29 with only a high school degree:

  • 40% of all these young adults don’t have a job.
  • 43% of the Hispanic-American young adults don’t have a job.
  • 50% of Black Americans of this group don’t have a job.

But Santana says these Americans don’t deserve any sympathy because, according to him, they are just “shucking and jiving” when they complain that they should have jobs instead of the illegal foreign workers.

About Georgia’s mandatory E-Verify law, Santana said:

It’s an anti-American law. it’s a cruel law, actually. If you all remember what it was like here with Martin Luther King and the dogs and the hoses. It’s the same thing, only its high tech. So Let’s change it.

The dogs and hoses were about keeping AMERICAN CITIZENS who were black from enjoying full rights, including full participation in the ECONOMY.

Georgia’s new law is about protecting AMERICAN CITIZENS, who disproportionately are black, from being barred from economic participation by employers who prefer illegal foreign workers.

The people of Georgia who supported and pressed for the new mandatory E-Veriy law were operating in the best traditions of the Civil Rights movement and should have been given the civil rights award at the baseball ceremony.

Instead, the ceremony was dominated by Santana who shamed himself and tarnished the civil rights tradition with his hateful diatribe against the most vulnerable members of our national community.

The 63-year-old native of Mexico, who became a U.S. citizen in 1965, used the opportunity of receiving the Beacon of Change Award to scold Arizona and Georgia for passing legislation aimed at undocumented immigrants and was subsequently booed.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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  1. Big Tim says:

    I’m glad to see you referring to Santana as a bigot. It’s time for decent people to stop being on the defensive and always saying, “I’m not a racist”. It’s time to point out who the real racists are: those like Santana, who always side with their own race regardless of any other factor, excluding any moral consideration.

    Liberals, of course, think there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s always the double standard.

    For example, in this day and age, pride about past empires and conquest of other peoples is considered to be evil. The British are especially cowed by guilt over their past. But wait, Mexicans bragging about the Aztec Empire? That’s different. That is considered to be laudable pride. You know… the Aztecs who cut the beating hearts out of thousands of captives from conquered tribes, all in a single day. They’re not White, so that’s okay.

    • American3P says:

      Carlos Santana should review Mexico's policy on immigration and illegal immigration. Read about Mexico's Immigration policy here.

  2. a us citizen says:

    the mexicans practiced cannabilism. read up about the evidence found in the western areas of the USA where the mexicans indians invaded. that was their way of taking over. today our country is being cannabilized. the mind game is that natures instinct of self-preservation is being turned into a social taboo. i like ted nugent's philosphy on life. but Jesus Christ also said don't cast your pearls before swine. I'd rather keep mine than have them eaten. rascist, anti-semite all words to silence dissent so that the "enemy" can steamroll their agenda over you and what you represent. remember morons can only add, so this is an adding game. one white, two white, one black, one mexican, one female, one male, one latino. after the tallying is done, the minorities must collectively have the upper hand, i.e control. the white race must be diminished. illegal immigration is a scam. while they are pulling your thumb as a they call you rascist, they are kicking your ass out of America.

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    I'm all for free speech, but the day will come when it won't be the authorities who'll persecute scum-bags like Santana speaking this trash, but rather the true American citizen who will nolonger tolerate nor be afraid to tear anti-Americans such as this guy apart and not be afraid of being persecuted for so-called 'Hate Crimes', and will instead, be given medals!
    There are many issues concerning the White people of this nation and I wouldn't wish for our party to be taged as just another anti-immigration organization among many others because there are many fine organizations already dealing with this problem, but the immigration of non-whites into this country, illegal and legal , is a direct threat to the very character of our nation as well as future generations of our people. It is for these reasons that our party should keep 'Immigration' as a priority issue in it's plateform.

  4. john says:

    Tell the hypocrite to go… to Hades!

  5. James_in_SoCal says:

    Too bad the articule doesn't comment on the reaction of the crowd in attendance. I know I would've be booing this hypocrite.

    • JamesinUSA says:

      Just think, if just one individual had the courage to boo in such a way that would have inspired those around them boo, and then in turn those around those people, we might have been reading a story of how Santana was rushed out of the stadium in fear of his life instead of the media trying to make him out as some sort of champion for civil rights. Sometimes all it takes is one small boy to point and recognize the obvious.."The Emperor has no cloths!"

      • American3P says:

        Thank God that Commissioner Selig was stupid enough to choose the Civil Rights Game to honor, among others, the great musician Carlos Santana. Santana was supposed to be the Latino stand-in, a smiling symbol of baseball’s diversity. And maybe, he would even play a song!

        But Bud picked the wrong Latino. Carlos Santana took the microphone and said that he was representing all immigrants. Then Santana added, "The people of Arizona, and the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves." In a perfect display of Gov. Nathan Deal’s Georgia, the cheers quickly turned to boos. Yes, Carlos Santana was booed on Civil Rights Day in Atlanta for talking about Civil Rights.

  6. Joseph says:

    Imagine saying something “I represent the human race.” Can it be more pompous? Why doesn’t he say that he represents God? Or, indeed, is God?

  7. Waelmaer says:

    Keep in mind that Santana believe that he talks to the angel Metatron. (See, Apparently, rabid liberalism goes hand-in-hand with a host of mental disorders: delusions, grandiosity, narcissism, etc.