Harry Bertram: It’s time to wise up about the two major parties…

NOTE: This is one of a series of columns written by candidates for West Virginia governor in the Oct. 4 special election.

In 1968, George Wallace, then running as a “third” party presidential candidate, said that there “isn’t a dime’s worth of difference” between the Democrats and Republicans. Wallace’s words are as true today as ever.

Two Names, One Party

The Democrats and Republicans have been taking turns running government for far too long. Our state and our country keep going in the wrong direction, while the Democrats and Republicans point fingers at each other and claim they will turn things around if only they are given yet another chance.

People are utterly disgusted with both monopoly parties. The powers of incumbency are difficult to overcome, but even when an incumbent of one monopoly party is defeated, his replacement is almost always more of the same. This country’s political system is broken and corrupt, and as a result our country is bankrupt, both economically and morally.

Nothing can be changed until America’s closed political system is opened up.

On Oct. 4, West Virginians can strike a powerful blow on behalf of positive change by electing me as your next governor. I am the candidate of American Third Position (A3P), a brand new political party dedicated to the values that made West Virginia and America great.

American Third PositionAmerican Third Position and I believe in ending outsourcing, which for decades has been destroying America’s industrial base by allowing many millions of jobs to be shipped to foreign countries. We believe in America First, which means doing what is best for our people and our state and country rather than doing the bidding of Big Business and favored foreign nations.

We believe in a moratorium on immigration and constructing a security fence along the Mexican border to end the Third World invasion of the U.S.

American Third Position and I oppose any infringements on the Second Amendment.

We believe in greatly reducing the size of the monstrosity in Washington, D.C., and ending this country’s unwanted global empire along with its endless wars abroad. We also reject the fast-growing police state that is enveloping our country since 9/11. We believe in individual freedom and responsibility. An all-powerful government is the exact opposite of the founding principles our ancestors fought and died for.

My party and I believe in a strengthened family unit as the norm for society, rejecting homosexuality, feminism and all other ideologies that are being promoted by the media and government to replace traditional values and morality.

We support individual workers, farmers and small and medium-sized business, in other words free enterprise. Today’s global crony capitalism favors giant corporations and works against laborers and small businesses.

I will apply these and other common sense, fair-minded principles in all matters affecting West Virginia if you elect me as your next governor. I am a working man and my only concern is what’s good and right for West Virginians. I am beholden to no special interests and never will be.

On Oct. 4, let the powers that be know you’ve wised up and have had enough. It’s time for real change instead of the endless two-party charade. Make your voice heard by electing me your next governor.

Harry Bertram, of Morgantown, is the American Third Position Party candidate for West Virginia governor.

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  1. sonicwhip says:

    Every A3P member in WV needs to print out this article and start passing it out!

    • American3P says:

      Click the Print button at the end of the article. There are options to save the article as a PDF file or email the article to anyone of your choice! Thanks Sonic!