Illegal Immigrants or “Undocumented Democrats?”

With ethnic voting “blocs” and “ethnocentric politics” becoming so crucial, a new strategy is needed.

The Hispanic vote, the Black vote, the Jewish vote, the Asian vote… what about the White vote? What “White vote” you ask?

91% of the African American community voted for Barack Obama because of his skin color. Other ethnic groups vote for a candidate that support issues important to their “ethnic bloc”. Many Hispanic voters supported Obama because of his views on immigration and amnesty. Candidates trip over themselves to get votes by “ethnic blocs.”

White Americans have traditionally voted by party affiliation. Voting by party affiliation did not dilute the White vote — when the US population was 80% White. As we approach a minority-majority population, it is more important than ever for White Americans to vote in unison. White Americans can no longer divide their vote between Democrats or Republicans. White Americans need to realign their focus on issues that benefit White Americans as a group. A united White vote is the trend for the future. The American Third Position is the party that represents White Americans and the White American vote! — A3P Editor

Undocumented Democrats

Obama Hosts Amnesty Summit at White House

Only days after launching his 2012 re-election bid, President Obama revived the issue of immigration reform with a meeting at the White House last Tuesday. There, the President hosted approximately 70 guests including former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, Rev. Al Sharpton and former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. (Ventura County Star, April 19, 2011) Although the White House press release on the meeting stated that the President planned to discuss how to “build a bipartisan consensus in Congress” on immigration reform, the White House neither invited any Members of Congress nor law enforcement representatives. (The White House Office of the Press Secretary, April 19, 2011)

Noticeably absent from the discussions was Representative Elton Gallegly (R-CA), current Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement. (Ventura County Star, April 19, 2011) Rep. Gallegly called the President’s meeting and selective guest list a “summit on amnesty,” noting that the attendees “were obviously people who were not concerned about stopping illegal immigration.” (Id.)

Also absent from the White House gathering were governors from border states. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said “it was a little bit of a snub” that neither she nor Texas Governor Rick Perry received an invitation from the President. (The Hill, April 20, 2011) Gov. Brewer remarked that since she and Governor Perry are on the front lines working to secure the border, they “should have been afforded that opportunity, to be at the table to help him understand the situation.” (Id.) Arizona’s governor has met with President Obama in the past, during which meeting the President referred to Arizona’s immigration law, S.B. 1070, as “misguided.” (Id.)

One person who did attend the White House meeting, however, was bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah, John Wester. (The Salt Lake Tribune, April 20, 2011) Wester was a chief architect of the Utah Compact. (The Utah Compact) The Utah Compact is a basic, five-principle outline which urges compassion towards illegal aliens and argues that immigration should be left to the federal government. (The Utah Compact) The leaders of national pro-amnesty groups have spoken out in favor of The Utah Compact and encouraged its principles as a guideline for legislation in the states. (The Salt Lake Tribune, April 20, 2011) Wester reported that the Utah Compact came up during his meeting with the President on Tuesday, and suggested it might be a template for an American Compact. (The Salt Lake Tribune, April 20, 2011)

The White House immigration summit comes at a time when President Obama has been under increasing pressure to rally his base for the 2012 elections. (The Hill, April 20, 2011) In an interview with MSNBC, Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said that President Obama’s failure to act on immigration reform is making it difficult for him to support him for reelection. (MSNBC, April 19, 2011) He encouraged the President to focus on the immigrant community when creating an agenda for comprehensive immigration reform. (Id.) Representative Gutierrez also warned that the President needs to “shore up his support among the Latino community” in the coming months. (Id.)

Sources inside the meeting indicate the President might be willing to do just that. Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Council President and a guest at last week’s meeting, said that Obama indicated he would press for a vote on a bill to help certain undocumented immigrants attain legal status if they attend college or serve in the military. (Ventura County Star, April 19, 2011) Despite the December defeat of the DREAM Act, legislation which holds similar provisions, the President seems intent on pursuing an immigration agenda that has been resoundingly rejected by the American people. This latest meeting of the President’s was scheduled just prior to Obama’s fundraising stops in Nevada and California, two heavily Latino-populated states.

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  1. James_in_SoCal says:

    The Democrat party and the Catholic church has been courting Illegal aliens and Hispanics in general for decades (not all the Republicans are innocent either) so I don’t see it as much as a surprise when these two groups get together and conspire against American interests in the name of Diversity.

  2. Brittanicus says:

    In one year Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, the second busiest maternity ward in the United States, 70% of the women giving birth were illegal aliens. That added up to 11,200 babies for which Medicaid kicked in 34.5 million dollars to deliver these babies, the feds another 9.5 million and Dallas taxpayers tossed in 31.3 million. The sheer numbers are phenomenal. In Stockton, California (2003), 70 percent of the 2,300 babies, born in San Joaquin General Hospital’s maternity ward were foothold babies. FAIR estimates there are about 363,000 children are born to illegal aliens each year. It’s a must read the report in a Pdf file "Illegal Aliens and American Medicine." Just Google the whole text. Anybody have any thoughts out there, have any conception of expenditures Today?

    This nation is crippled by entitlement programs, which has escalated the national deficit to 14.5 trillion dollars. Thanks to decades of uncontrolled spending, we can no longer afford the money expended on the world, or illegal immigrants flocking here. Billions go every year to foothold children, brought into America by poor families in every corner of each hemisphere. The costs must be reversed now, not later as we are heading to a monetary swamp, where America’s credit will be further downgraded by Standard and Poor. Before we reach the debt ceiling, we must force on our reluctant politicians cuts in discretionary spending and every niche of the ever growing government agencies. Many could be merged with others federal entities and all pseudo offices could be closed down. The country is broke and we are fighting wars for other countries.

    We should open up new drilling areas, including Anwar, Alaska. I'm only one of millions of moderate Conservatives who demand not being dictated to by environmentalist who have overwhelmed sane citizens, enforcing such laws as the endangered Species Act. Relocate the wild creatures along the border, or places where they can drill for precious oil. Give Communist China, Mexico an ultimatum that they play by the free trade agreement rules or the TEA PARTY leaders will renegotiate them. IF THESE IDIOTS IN WASHINGTON DON'T ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING SOON ON OIL, THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF WILL HAVE TO GO TO SARDI ARABIA–CAP IN HAND– BEGGING FOR OIL? Whatever issue is involved such as Oil, Free trade treaties it smells of corruption, lobbyists Campaign Contributions and favors.

  3. tma_sierrahills says:

    "The American Third Position is the party that represents White Americans and the White American vote! — A3P Editor"

    The main shell-game that has been played by both parties around the subject of illegal aliens since about the dawn of time has involved the Democratic "representatives" sternly calling for "workplace enforcement," while the Republicans droned on about "border enforcement"–as if the two enforcement measures were somehow mutually exclusive.

    Of course in reality neither enforcement strategy would be seriously pursued by either party, both of which would simply continue sitting there, happy as clams, sending out their fundraising letters as America continued to be invaded and overrun.

    Both parties could get away with all this because patriotic common-sense White voters had nowhere else to turn. This nightmare is now coming to an end, thanks to the existence of American Third Position. For some of us who have lived through this interminable borderless dark age, it is as if A3P has suddenly thrown upon the doors to our solitary confinement cells and casually ushered us out blinking into a bright blue spring morning. We will never go back.
    - – - –
    Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity.

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    What's really sad today as far as ethnopolitics goes, is how so many White voters would seem to hold our people to an entirely different standard than what they hold for other races. If Whites would oppose other races and their double standard and efforts to further their own racial agenda as much as many of them oppose our efforts, we might could at least see more progress. It's as if many Whites have this self-defeating attitude that "We're beyond that", or that "We're better than that" as far as pushing our own racial self-interest. And yet it's this attitude that's literally killing us as a people in this country. If many of our people would oppose seeing 'RACE' in any issue that now confronts us, than don't tell the A3P that!. Tell that to the NAACP, the ADL. and La Raza! I find it amazing how many Whites thinks we should all be race neutral ,and yet won't left a finger to stop the obvious racial agenda that almost every non-white organization ,including the Democratic Party, is fully dedicated too!