Pennsylvania A3P Chairman Steve Smith Sees Race As Key To Gang Activity, Crime

From The Times Leader of Pennsylvania:

We will not be able to solve the gang problem in Northeastern Pennsylvania unless we are willing to speak the truth about race and crime. The facts are this: Most of the gangs are predominately made up of black or Hispanic members.

Violent crime is disproportionately committed by nonwhites. This region seemingly was a safer place to live until the racial demographic started to change. Does anyone, in his or her right mind, want Wilkes-Barre or Hazleton to turn into another Camden or Detroit?

A3P Pennsylvania Chairman Steve Smith

A3P Pennsylvania Steve Smith says what others won’t. Go Steve!

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  1. sonicwhip says:

    It is funny how most drug-dealing gangs receive government welfare, services, and food stamps.

  2. LabMan says:

    There must be racial separation,the problems get worse each day,section 8 housing is now bringing crime to our suburbs,and roving gangs of flash mobs will increase in activity

  3. Rhett1 says:

    I recently read that Philadelphia is the second "dirtiest" city in the U.S. with New Orleans taking top place. Both cities, of course, have huge Black populations. This is true of EVERY CITY in the WORLD with large Black populations. It is obviously an "African" thing. They simply foul their own nests. They will not pick up their trash unless made to do so, and in the U.S. that isn't going to happen. WIth the vicious blessing of our MSM, they are portrayed as the paragons of our culture, including the super-Negroes we see lording it over Whites in virtually every TV ad.

    How far we have fallen since the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia!

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    __ When I hear the bleeding heart liberals criticizing about the days of segregation and their attempts at making out whites as being evil, I remind them of the disproportionate crime being committed by blacks, and how segregation had nothing to do with people being "cruel" or "evil" , as it had to do with whites and their communities wanting to be safe, so that their kids could play in their own yards without someone shooting them or trying to sell them drugs etc,etc.
    When one considers just how much crime in this country is committed by such a relatively small number of people of color , you can begin to understand the rational of wanting to separate the various races ,if not for their good, than at least for ours!