Pennsylvania and New Jersey A3P Members Host Paul Fromm and Louis March

American Third Position Party members from Pennsylvania and New Jersey came together for a very successful speaking engagement on Saturday,  August 28, featuring Council of Conservative Citizens’ Director Paul Fromm,  and Mr. Louis T. March.

The audience of nearly forty attendees was comprised of party members and CofCC members from all over the East Pennsylvania and New Jersey region; some came from as far as Maryland and the NYC area, including two of our state party chairmen.

The meeting was held in a rustic inn located in scenic Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, which provided a friendly and comfortable environment for newcomers.

Following the meeting, attendees had an opportunity to converse with the speakers and organizers as well as review the wide selection of literature provided including the American Third Position tri-fold pamphlet “Immigration: Enough is Enough” which was enthusiastically received by non-members.

The organizers are proud of the success of the meeting and look forward to more such events in the future.

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  1. lewis winston birm says:

    Wish I had been notified of this event!