But Why Do Blacks Distrust Hospitals?

Medical journals this past week reported on a new study which tried to explain why so few blacks donate blood by claiming that they “do not trust hospitals,” but all ignored the obvious question: why?

The study, published in the official blood bank association journal Transfusion, revealed “that there is a significant distrust in the healthcare system among the African American community.”

Led by Beth H. Shaz, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the New York Blood Center in New York, New York, researchers apparently managed to create a survey which explored the “reasons for low likelihood of blood donation in African Americans.”

Statistically, only one in ten blood donors are black, even though that community is a major user of donated blood due to a higher violent crime rate and subsequent greater attendance at emergency units.

Blood types O and B, the blood types of about 70 percent of most blacks in America, are also the blood types most in demand.

In addition, sickle cell disease (SCD) affects one in 12 blacks in America, and patients with that disease can need 15 to 25 blood transfusions each year.

Genetically-similar blood is preferred for those who need repeated blood transfusions. Blood that closely matches a patient’s is less likely to be rejected by the patient and can mean fewer complications after a transfusion.

According to the new study, 15 black churches in Atlanta participated in an 81-item self-administered survey, with 930 people responding to the survey.

The study’s results demonstrate that about one in five African American individuals (17 percent) do not trust hospitals. This “lack of trust” was positively correlated with not donating blood even compared against other risk factors.

The study concluded that hospitals had to “increase trust” to overcome the problem.

Yet none of the journals which repeated the story, ever bothered to ask the simple question of why there was such a “lack of trust” in hospitals amongst blacks.

The answer would appear to be so obvious as to be unpalatable, and hence preferably ignored by the journals and academics, namely that the black community simply does not have the same degree of social responsibility that other communities, particularly the European-American community, has.

Rather than admit this obvious truth, liberal academics would prefer to invent all manner of “reasons” for the low black blood donation rate — hence the patently fabricated excuses of “no trust” without any attempt to explain why that “situation” has arisen.

This is the same logic which is applied to every situation where nonwhite groups fail to perform at white levels, be it academic, social, or work-related.

Each and every time blacks, Hispanics or any other group fail, the fault is always put at the door of European-Americans, no matter what.

The American Third Position dismisses the accusation that white people are always to blame for everything.

It is time that other communities took stock of their own affairs and corrected themselves instead of playing the blame game with whites.

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  1. Robert Jones says:

    I would wager that the tendency of blacks to neglect their social responsibilities in this particular situation might be attributable to the very same motives behind their “distrust” of employment agencies. That is to say, blacks have learned along the way that they can easily obtain that which they desire and require by simply demanding such from the guilt ridden and cringing white community in America.

    If they want college educations then entry levels are lowered. If they desire white collar jobs and seats at the board room then quotas are instituted. If they desire luxury housing they can’t afford then Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac scramble to accommodate them. You can rest assured that if they need blood it will not be denied them, regardless of whether they contribute to the general welfare of the greater community or not.

    When it comes to Blacks in America, the word no is not part of our treacherous government’s doublespeak vocabulary, for they know damn good and well that to deny blacks anything risks the pillaging, and burning of yet another American city.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    Another reason blacks don't donate blood is that they have such a high rate of STD's and introvienous drug use that they simply don't qualify and would rather blame it on 'racism' than admitt the obvious truth.

  3. JamesinUSA says:

    A lack of social responsiblity on the part of blacks in this country is the reason behind a lot of things we see today, from the lack of black involvement in the Tea Party Rallies to those who protest illegal immigrants in this country. The media in this country seems fixated on the fact that many organizations and mass rallies are too white ,as if to imply 'racism', when the question they should be asking, is why is it ,that blacks seem unconcerned about the direction of this nation, or why the black leadership fails to address the issue of illegal immigration when it is having such a detrimental effect of black unemployment.? As for many of the issues being addressed by the Tea Party people are conservative in nature and many blacks have absolutely no interest in being more independent and self sufficiaent , much less being able to relate to our founding fathers ,it is obvious why there is a lack of black participation, but this certainly hasn't anything to do with white racism. What does however hold the spector of racism ,is the fact that many blacks wish to see us become a minority.

  4. robert held says:

    I find the american third position news to be very accurate and contain relevant information. Very well done, please keep the information flowing!

  5. Augustus says:


    Couple of things.
    I fail to see why a Pro-White person would care in the least why African Americas do or don’t trust the medical establishments.
    That said, African Americans don't trust the medical establishment for a couple of reasons:
    1. It is too expensive (I can agree with that one, I have 'good insurance' and still have a 1k deductible. I recently went for a regular doctors visit and got a 400.00 dollar bill!)
    1. It is easier to say “I don't trust” as opposed to “I can't afford”.
    2. The Tuskegee experiment really happened, in many of our lifetimes. Look it up, it's real. Trust me when I say African American talk about this.

    Heck given those things I don't think I would trust the medical establishment either.

    Lack of Black participation in the Tea Party is easy enough to understand.
    The Tea Party is in the process of becoming, if it is not already, simply the Republican party with demonstrations. Speaking for myself, I don't vote Republican because I do not own my own business (I work for a corporation) and I don't make a million dollars a year. If I was a very rich man you bet I would be a Republican. I was actually saw a Republican nominee for the Senate say (before she was a nominee mind you) at a conference in Ireland “American workers do not have a right to jobs” She was the CEO of a major company at the time. I can not find the video or I would name names, sides I like keeping my job. Tea party endorsing this person…yep. So like Black people I am not out there with them either.

    Illegal immigration – yeah it stinks. I have spoken to several African American's about this and they don't like it either. But like myself, they are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, who to vote for? Neither the Republicans or the Democrats speak for the American working man/woman (Black, White or Brown). I tell you in truth, the fist person that says they will stop outsourcing is going to get my vote, I don't care what party they are or what color they are. We are becoming a services nation, any economist will tell you that. And like Henry Kissinger said “We need to get back to be a producer nation”.

    Black people don’t participate in the political process? I don't blame em with the choices they, and I , have.

    If this page intends to be Pro-White then it stands to reason that we should be discussing issues of interest to White people (unemployment, affirmative action, outsourcing, candidates with Pro-White leanings) and leave the Black issues to Black people. Isn’t it time that Pro White started being Pro White instead of Anti-others.?
    You know I have been all over the web looking for Pro-White and am disappointed that every time I find something its not Pro-White..its anti Black. I think that as a White American we have our own issues to be concerned with.. I don’t give a damn why African Americas do or don’t trust the medical establishment, do or don’t participate in the political process, or do or don’t do anything else for that matter. They have their reasons.. valid, not valid, I don’t care.
    Why is it that every time I see Pro-White all people want to do is talk about African Americas?

    • JamesinUSA says:

      I can understand the position that fellow whites have that we should be more pro-white rather than anti-non-white, but at the same time we must not ignore the animosity that many of these people have for white people in general and the differences that exist that makes a multicultural society undesirable. Whether it's the NAACP,SPLC,ADL, LA RAZA, or any number of non-white organizations, we must realize that they operate and exist with a decidedly anti-white mission in mind.

  6. palvadore says:

    This is nothing new. The Africans take and take and take but never give. I've given blood since I was 16 and have never needed to go to a hospital to do so. They do not give blood for the same reason they don't contribute positively to our country in any other way.

  7. Minerva says:

    There was an article published several years ago in American Renaissance about why blacks don't give blood. The main reason was that they are not, to put it simply, the giving kind. Other races see giving blood as a way to help mankind, regardless of the race of the recipient, but blacks in general have no sense of altruism but instead look out only for themselves. This applies even when it concerns other blacks. The article was accompanied by a photo showing a table set up in a mall encouraging blacks to donate blood, and the tables/chairs remained empty. There was nothing the black staff could do to convince other blacks to donate this most precious substance.

    Besides not trusting hospitals as whites may do something like inject them with AIDS (yes, some really believe this), nonetheless they will take advantage whenever the urge hits them. My brother recently went to a hospital well known for its cutting edge procedures regarding vision problems. A large black woman came in with no appointment. She was asked if it was an emergency and she said no, she just wanted an eye exam. After some conversation, she was told to wait and they would see if they could fit her in. When my brother left, she was nowhere to be seen. How much does anyone want to bet they took her in for an exam (even though her insurance card was found to have been expired for some time) in order to avoid the usual scene they make when whites deny them something?

    Even Albert Schweitzer, who had more first hand experience amongst Africans than most whites today, made the observation that the two races could not and should not co-habit in the same society. Ditto for many past political figures. It is very sad that political correctness now trumps both experience and common sense.