Sliding down the Rope to Third World Status: DEA Advertises for Ebonics Translator

Another sure sign that America is sliding down the rope to Third World status has come with the news that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is looking for fluent Ebonics speakers to fill nine drug enforcement jobs.

The DEA translators would work out of the Atlanta field office, according to a Justice Department request.

The request for people fluent in Ebonics — which is a combination of “ebony” and phonics” — is of much greater significance than merely comical value or even an allusion to the high rate of black activity in the drug scene.

Rather, the real importance of the request by the DEA is that it is an indication of just how widespread this so-called language has become amongst more than just the black community.

Walt Wolfram, professor of English linguistics at North Carolina State University, who has somehow managed to persuade academic institutions to pay him to study “African American English” for the past 40 years, said: “Ebonics had now crossed over geographic, racial and ethnic backgrounds” and was also spoken by Latino and white people.”

In other words, Professor Wolfram has confirmed that black culture is being propagated across the board as the norm to all communities in America.

This pattern can also be seen in dress style (where prison-origin baggy pants and shirts), music (violent gangster-type rap), and other cultural forms which are all presented in the mass media as desirable and fashionable to impressionable youth of all races.

It is therefore inevitable that as the barely understandable Ebonics dialect is spread around in rap music in particular, that more and more young people are starting to imitate it.

This has allowed the DEA to deny that its advertisements for Ebonics speakers is “racial” in any way.

A DEA official was, for example, widely quoted in the media as saying there was nothing “racial” about the hiring effort, identifying the white rapper Eminem as “one of the best speakers of Ebonics there ever was.”

The destruction of European America is in full swing, on every level.

The immigration invasion seeks to displace European Americans from physical possession of the nation which their forefathers created, and the relentless cultural assault on their language and identity continues unabated.

The recognition of Ebonics as a language by the DEA is just another sign of the erosion of the European nature of America as it was meant to be.

All the signs are there: European Americans will have to stand together if they wish to prevent their nation from inexorably sliding down to Third World status.

It is for this reason that the American Third Position has come into existence. Are you going to do your part?

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