“Tougher Than Arizona” Immigration Bill Introduced in Utah

Utah State Representative Stephen Sandstrom has introduced an immigration bill which in some ways may be tougher than Arizona’s embroiled S.B. 1070, yet omits the “onerous” and “punitive” aspects of the bill.

Rep. Sandstrom said he might be willing to bend on some minor points of the bill to improve its chance of passage, but will not compromise on allowing police to question individuals on their immigration status, as this is the “key to the bill.”

Rep. Sandstrom is expecting opposition, but says there are “dozens upon dozens” of legislators who will support the bill, and he believes it will ultimately pass.

The American Third Position strongly supports the efforts of individual states to protect their citizens from illegal intruders, an area where the United States government has woefully failed.

The A3P maintains a stringent position on immigration, which may be read at the following link:  https://american3p.org/?page_id=110

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

    Anytime there is a poll that list things that should worry Americans most, immigration should be at the very top of the list, especially the non-white immigration that is essentually displacing our white people in this country and that will no doubt create a huge underclass not to mention the political and social upheavel that's sure to follow. Economic and political trends can change from time to time but if our people allow their bloodline to be all but destroyed in this nation ,no one will benefit from such a tragedy, neither white or non-white.

  2. sonicwhip says:

    oh but the majority of people in Utah want it passed, I guess the federal government must do the opposite.

  3. kari says:

    The truth is, a nation that is weak and/or can’t or has no desire to defend its’ borders will cease to exist, be it by a military invasion or people simply coming in. History has shown us that repeatedly. If Americans do not come together and stand up for their nation and country, we as a country will cease to exist. We’ll become the new United States of Mexico.

  4. lefto says:

    i have 2 children and it frightens me to think that soon there may be no place for them to be at home. with the usa turning away from its white citizens and the ancestral homelands in europe going the same direction i may end up immigrating to argentina, which has stringent immigration laws and a steady 87-89% european population made primarily of germans, italians, and spaniards. anybody who agrees that makes a fine last resort may do well to find a copy of rosetta stone…………………

  5. John says:

    I'm from Utah and with Rep. Sandstrom's bill going forward is the proudest I've ever been of my home state, its a bold statement that we have no interest in becoming a Mexican colony, my forefathers went through great hardship to carve this State out of barren wilderness, and no mestizo invasion will take it from us, if the Mexicans want a better life let them do as our American forefathers did and build up their own country, not flee to an already developed area to benefit from the labors of others.