U.S. Taxpayers Spend $115M+ To Train Foreign Workers

With unemployment rates at home hovering near 10%, a federal agency is spending in excess of one hundred million dollars on training programs to improve job prospects for citizens of Sri Lanka, Armenia, and Haiti.

Under this shocking arrangement, U.S. workers will be taxed to pay for the training of their foreign replacements.

Or more likely, since the Federal Government spends vastly more than it brings in, our children will be taxed to pay off the debt for this program, with interest.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is contributing $10 million in taxpayer money to provide training free of charge to 3,000 Sri Lankans in basic I.T. and English language skills.

USAID initially announced this training would be in Java programming, then backpedaled and admitted this would not be possible because the prospective trainees have no computer skills whatsoever.

The agency will also be contributing federal funds (amount as yet undisclosed) to help establish Armenia as a corporate destination for low-cost I.T. and engineering.

Armenian officials have expressed a desire to lure computer work away from America.  With a little help from the American taxpayers, that goal is becoming reality.

As alarming as it is that $10 million in federal funds will be spent to train workers in Sri Lanka, more than ten times that amount will be spent training workers in Haiti.

Nearly $105 million in federal funds will be spent by USAID over four years, to teach up to 2,000 Haitians each year how to sew garments and other textiles.

In light of the catastrophic earthquake which Haiti suffered seven months ago, this may seem like a noble humanitarian effort.  But Haiti had unemployment rates estimated between 60% and 80% before the earthquake struck. 

Haitians are not unemployed because of the earthquake; they are unemployed because of the long-term systemic failure of the Haitian economic system.

With approximately 15 million of our own citizens out of work, the United States cannot afford to repair Haiti’s broken economy, any more than we can afford to finance the positioning of Sri Lanka and Armenia to compete with Americans for scarce jobs.

The American Third Position will put American workers first and prevent the globalist elites from further decimating American industry, as outlined in the A3P position statement on Globalization which may be read at the following link: https://american3p.org/?page_id=108

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  1. kari says:

    This is utterly absurd. Why are we spending 115 million dollars on any foreign country when we are going broke and there are Americans in need? Let these countries train their own workers, they are not our responsibility. If things don't change, this country is going down the toilet.

  2. JamesinUSA says:

    This is just one more example of the many criminal activites of our so-called leadership. Under a nationalist leadership and economy this would never be allowed. The traitors in Washington in their twisted vision of what's right for the World Citizen, see's this as being ultimately right for all of us ,but is nothing more than the marxist agenda of Internationalism and the redistributing of the wealth of our nation to that of the Third World.

  3. Tom Aikins says:

    USAID wastes money all around the world, not just in these countries. I've seen it here in Southeast Asia where they paid several hundred thousand dollars to develop a website for promoting tourism to Southeast Asia. How does that help Americans?