American Third Position in 14 States!

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The original Fourteen A3P states. According to some, American Third Position is the fastest growing political organization in the United States.  (Greg noted that we omitted our members in South Carolina!  Mea culpa!  – Editor)

Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, West Virginia and also, South Carolina!

This does not mean A3P is an officially-recognized party in these states, where their candidates can get on the ballot merely by filing a candidacy. It simply means A3P has an official party organization in those states. And that’s an important first step, because anyone wanting to run as an A3P candidate will probably have to circulate and submit nominating petitions FIRST, depending upon a given state’s rules. A3P activists and supporters could be quite helpful in assisting such candidates deploy nominating petitions.

What’s interesting is that A3P has not initially taken off in the more conservative Western states as one might expect. Instead, its greatest success has been realized in the Rust Belt states to the Northeast. The common denominators in this region are economic privation triggered by the continuing recession, and racial discontent triggered by non-Whites with an elevated sense of entitlement. Quite frequently, white public officials in Rust Belt states will side with the non-White over the White in racially-based disputes. The same situation has occurred in California, where Latinos actually govern much of the state behind the scenes thanks to the help of self-hating guilt-tripping liberal whites. Arizona, of course, is the front lines of the illegal immigration battle, and a pro-White party would be expected to succeed there. -Anchorage Activist

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  1. Brandon Darby says:

    Fantastic work, now we need more.

  2. Rocky S14 says:

    This is outstanding!

  3. tma_sierrahills says:

    Original Thirteen

    “Black is beautiful!” our people barked back to be dutiful, but when viewing this AP3 map of the second Original Thirteen, one has to admit that White can be quite the loveliest sight to be seen.

  4. James_in_SoCal says:

    We are growing and thats always a good sign!!

  5. john says:

    One day all 50 states.

  6. HJ11 says:

    Expand always; contract never.

  7. StephneTontz says:

    We need to have grass roots meetings so local supporters can join up.

  8. Greg says:

    Er…I thought you guys were in SC too?

    • American3P says:

      You are right! Good catch! Apologies to our members in South Carolina! That makes it 14 states!

      Good job Greg! (I just started as web master, my mistake.)

  9. nationalist says:

    It is important to make sure that all these states remain active with A3P activity and continue to add more states.

  10. Aaron says:

    And yet no Texas??