A3P Activists Join Tax Protests Across the Nation

Americans are angry – very angry. They’re angry with their elected officials, who continually say one thing and do another, campaigning on one platform only to follow another while in office. They’re angry that the will of the vast majority of Americans is being ignored entirely by a political establishment whose apparent mission is to transform America into just another Third World dictatorship, laying to rest the greatest nation the world has ever known and permanently dismantling our way of life. They’re angry that they have no say in the shaping of their own lives, in the shaping of their own communities, and in the shaping of the future of America. They’re angry, and they’re not going to put up with any longer.

On Thursday, April 15, patriots all across the country rallied the spirit of America. Tens of thousands of authentic Americans coalesced at street corners, at parks, before government buildings, and at any place best suited to amplifying the voice of their collective anger. They rallied to send a message to a government who is increasingly at odds with their will: we will never surrender our country.

Without any sort of coordination, and in spontaneity, A3P activists from around the country joined their fellow patriots in protest. In service to their country and their party, the activists delivered huge quantities of A3P materials to eager recipients.

A3P activist Josh Bates and his wife joined thousands of Georgians and South Carolinians at the Augusta Tea Party, where they spoke with scores of attendees and passed out hundreds of party fliers.

Recounting the successful nature of his outreach effort, Josh said, “One of the last people I spoke to was a man from South Carolina who, after hearing what I had to say about the A3P, stated he would like to get something started in South Carolina. We exchanged information, and I hope to be in touch with him soon to help him get started.”

He continued, “After all was said and done, I had given out all of my literature and still had swarms of people asking for more information on the party. I ended up having to write our website and contact information on sheets of paper from my notebook to give out, due to the demand. All in all, it was a great evening. My wife and I got to meet a lot of people who are enthusiastic about the A3P cause, and I have already received numerous emails from some of the people I spoke with.”

In Harrison, Arkansas, A3P super-activist Victoria left the kids at home and headed to the Tea Party, where she delivered over 200 A3P “American Jobs for American Workers” fliers.

“The Tea Partiers were EXTREMELY receptive to the ‘American Jobs For American Workers’ motto. Many of them exclaimed, ‘That’s what we need!’, and ‘Amen to that!’, as they read the postcard I handed them. Several individuals engaged me in conversation about the A3P, and all of them viewed our platform with favor. I was not faced with any confrontation or criticism whatsoever. I am looking forward to more opportunities to spread the A3P message to the Ozark folk”, she reported, fresh from the event.

The flagship team in Southern California found its way to two Tea Party protests, one attended by thousands, and one, slightly more intimate and better suited to engaging folks in one-on-one fashion, attended by a few hundreds. The group of three, determined as ever to outdo themselves, passed out over 500 trifold and postcards fliers.

Providing a brief summary for a larger audience, Mitch Stevens, who organized the So Cal team, remarked, “The events in our area were well organized and filled with energetic crowds. I spoke with dozens of people concerning the plight of our country. Many were interested to hear of our party, and I was able to explain much of our platform to them. Over the course of the day, our group of three handed out well over five hundred pamphlets.”

Stacey Winters, who accompanied Mitch to the event, commented, “The Tea Parties we attended were largely made up of ordinary Americans who are fed up with the government’s misuse of our tax-dollars. I felt privileged to be a part of such a large patriotic gathering; it was great to be amongst so many impassioned patriots.”

They reported that Tea Party folks were more receptive than ever to the A3P message, and many vowed to go home and register as affiliated with the party, something needed in order for the party to gain access to the ballot in California.

Just a few dozen miles east of the So Cal team, in Redlands, California, the flagship unit was complemented by a lone activist, who took it upon himself to deliver a few hundred fliers to those comprising the Tea Party crowd there. The lone activist, Scott, helpful as always, offered his homemade A3P sign to a protest-goer just before leaving, and the protester gladly accepted.

Finally, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, A3P activist Mr. Crager, who was joined by a friend, delivered the A3P trifold brochure, which bears an important message concerning immigration and the identity and character of our nation,  to protest-goers. He, like the others, reported that his effort was met with success, and the A3P message was well-received in Louisiana. 

The natural inclination of A3P members to take it upon themselves to spread the party message – the message of liberty, sovereignty, identity – bodes well for the future of the A3P. Unrelenting activism with religious fervor is what will propel us forward into a position where we can successfully challenge the political establishment and win back our country.

For more detailed accounts from across the country, please visit us at the forum.

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  1. Harry says:

    I gave a short speech at a local tea party.

    You can see at Bertram2010.com.

  2. Aubrey says:

    Greying Wanderer is right on. Often it is much easier to be implicitly white rather than explicitly white, in other words appeal to our people in a more subtle way. Signs that might say “We deserve equality!” or “We have rights too!” or “Immigration is genocide!” etc, you get my meaning. Develop a since of belonging without out offending their conditioning (too much). Most white folks still know they are white, know they are discriminated against and deep down still have a will to survive especially those of us who have daily contact with non-white peoples and cultures like us in the south, major cities and south west.

    Something I like to through on people is the UN’s Convention on genocide, article 2 which states: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    I paraphrase this in casual conversation of course.

    All of these apply to the plight of European Americans. It’s great to use the social engineers own tools against themselves. Why reinvent the wheel? And if it comes up, always remind your people, they only make up 8% of the entire earth’s population and it is dwindling fast and living with third world hatred, stupidity and violence not only sucks, it’s bad for the mind and body. Just some ideas.

  3. Kylie Batt says:

    Позволю себе не согласится…

    .. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin…..

  4. Greying Wanderer says:

    Very encouraging. Great stuff.

    "I had a different Tea Party experience on 4-15-10. . My sign said "Equal Rights for Whites" and I was almost lynched."

    White people have been conditioned to react in a pavlovian fashion to anything that sounds explicitly racial – think on all the movies down the years where there is a conflict between a white group and a non-white group and the hero is the white character who sides with the non-white group against their own people e.g To Kill a Mocking Bird, 12 Angry Men, Dances with Wolves and hundreds more. However you can still say anything you like as long as you use the right language and are careful to avoid pressing the wrong buttons. Practise makes perfect.

  5. Victoria says:

    Don, I salute you for being so bold as to promote "Equal Rights for Whites" in public. Why was that sign so offensive to people? It's the implication that we DON'T have equal rights, that hits close to home. Surely the minority set-asides, and affirmative action which actively discriminates against Whites in government, education, and the private sector must really trouble them deep inside.

    I had copies of Dr. MacDonald's essay "Being White In Public" (recently published here on the A3P site) and I was planning to hand it out, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The folk in the crowd couldn't argue with "American Jobs for American Workers" but most of them would cringe at the notion of being part of an explicitly White group vying for our own best interests… which paradoxically is exactly what the article is about.

    • Don says:

      Thanks for the salute, but I'm not as brave as yout think. I did not anticipate their angry raction.

      I thought Palos Verdes, largely white/and Asian, would be the last place in LA County where violence would occur. If I'd known I probably would have just said "screw it," but I'm glad I hung in there. The sheriff's deputy they called to have me arrested me told them to leave me alone. That helped.

      My large sign was professionally made. ($5 at FedEx). I was hoping that pics of it would appear on the internet and be an inspration to others. One picture on the web can be seen by milllions. These white zombies all photographed me, and I said, "Be sure to post your pictures on the Intenet!" However, I can't find any, nor can I find any reference to my presence there. Usually people like to gloat over attacking you and why did they take pictures if not to post them? These pics were the ralley, but earlier in the day before I showed. I have been unable to find a single pic they took of me. http://www.wcvarones.com/2010/04/palos-verdes-tea...

  6. Don says:

    I had a different Tea Party experience on 4-15-10. . My sign said "Equal Rights for Whites" and I was almost lynched.