A3P Celebrates Scottish Heritage

Each year, on Memorial Day weekend, there is held, in Orange County, California, one of the largest Scottish Heritage Celebrations in the country. With a massive Pipe Band competition, Highland games and dance competitions, an extensive network of clan booths, and tens of thousands in attendance, it was only natural that local A3P activists took advantage of “Scotsfest 2010” and mixed a bit of political activism with cultural celebration.

While it may make many a leftist blush to hear it, the Scots have not been cowed by political correctness and are proud of their history, culture, and way of life. In fact, while at the festival,  kilt-wearing Scots eagerly check into to the booth of their respective clan, or extended family, which bear names like Armstrong, [Kevin] MacDonald, MacLellan, and Stewart. These booths serve to reconnect kin and to disseminate information pertaining to the history and origin of the clan. While the idea may not appear popular in mainstream television, cinema, or news media, the meaningfulness of a shared history, culture, and an ethnic identity is not lost on the real world, and despite the establishment’s unrelenting projection of negative, stereotypical images of people who do as much, a discussion of the roots and histories of peoples were the day’s priority for most. Of course, one wouldn’t expect any less of a rebellion from the mighty Scottish people.

A3P activists in Southern California, always ready to promote the party, passed out hundreds of fliers to the accompaniment of pipes and drums. Burst of leafletting were intermitted by the consumption of meat pies and Scottish ales, the enjoyment of Scotland the brave, and a few cheers for those pitted against one another in the caber toss.

With ethnic identity at the forefront everyone’s mind, a flier concerning the detrimental effects of unfettered, out-of-control Third World immigration was fitting, and the activists didn’t disappoint. These A3P anti-immigration fliers were exceptionally well-received, and, in fact, out of the hundreds delivered, only one gentleman refused, on the grounds that his hands were full.

Of course, seasoned as they are, the So Cal activists had attended the event in prior years and knew full-well that the event is one of the best there is for leafletting. While reporting the event to the news department, they were adamant that it was communicated to other activists the value of using such venues to promote the Nationalist cause. With that, the young activists promised to attend again next year.

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  1. Fr. John says:

    It gladdens my heart that there are those White activists/Anglo nationalists, who are reaching out to the Celts. I was forcibly removed from my Clan Chair position by a local ‘Scottish’ group, when I raised the issue of Black men marching in the parade of the tartans on our yearly celebration of all things Celtic. I did so, because I had just read the preceding week this quote from the Scottish Nationalist Party, and thought it apropos to the situation:

    “Wearing a kilt makes you no more a Scot, than wearing a grass skirt makes you an African.”

    My comment to the convenor, which really got his goat, was that ‘While I can understand the concept of “Black Irish,” I think this (Negroes marching in Clan tartan parades as the erstwhile spouses of [sic] Celtic women) was stretching that concept a bit too far.’ Needless to say, he didn’t have a sense of humor. Perhaps now, things are going to be different, with the A3P doing such a good job!

    Caed Mille Failte! (I think tha’s how ye spell it…?)

  2. sonicwhip says:

    I wonder, if somebody from the ADL or the SPLC was attending, the whole thing would of been labeled as a Ku Klux Klan meeting and absurd stories of cross lightings would be spewing out all over the web.

  3. Why do the Scots get all the festivals? What about the Anglo-Saxon? Oh, that would be subversive, I suppose.

    • Victoria says:

      Whenever anyone says "White people don't have a distinct culture," what they really mean is that Anglo-Saxons don't. But they're mistaken, because Anglo-Saxon is the normative default of American culture. Every every homecoming festival, every Thanksgiving, every small-town parade is a celebration of our Anglo-Saxon heritage.

      These good fellows celebrate their 1/4th Scottish ancestry one day a year by wearing kilts, but the other 364 days they're usually wearing traditional Anglo-Saxon garb, be it polo shirts or business suits.

  4. Greying Wanderer says:

    "Reverse discrimination is real"

    Nooooo! Only white people are racist :)

    But then, if only white people are (officially) racist then anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

  5. A fellow traveller says:

    This memorial day weekend I took the train to see my family. When I went to take the train home…..the black conductor wouldn't let me on the train. Shut the door.

    In. My. Face.

    I said nothing to him, was not wearing an A3P shirt or any other kind of politically or racially motivated gear. He just shut the door on my face. And of course, it was a white conductor who later let me on.

    Reverse discrimination is real/

  6. 14 words says:

    I think a july 4th celebration would be perfect for this.