A3P Gets Crafty in Missouri

On Saturday, April 24, the A3P braved torrential rains to attend the “Craft Fair and More” at Wild Bill’s Travel Complex in Ridgedale, Missouri. At the entrance of the main store, visitors were greeted with a banner promoting the A3P and its core values of Liberty, Sovereignty, and Identity. They were also offered a flier championing “American Jobs for American Workers.”

A3P member Victoria reports: “The A3P was received quite graciously. The manager of the travel complex came by the A3P table and gave me a sample of apricot preserves from their new Cheese Shop, which was so delicious I went in and purchased a jar before departing for the day.

“Several passersby asked questions about the A3P and what we stand for, and, upon learning more, they expressed their support. One pulled out his cell phone to play a humorous song about immigrants running into the country to get free healthcare. Another volunteered that he worked for a nearby chicken processing plant, where the management showed favoritism to Mexican workers at the expense of Americans. Another said she didn’t have anything against immigrants but thought it was time to take better care of our own people.

“300 fliers were distributed, and only about a dozen people declined to take one when I offered it. Even though most of the recipients didn’t stop to converse, almost all of them said ‘thank you’ as I handed them the flier.”

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  1. NortonRyder says:

    Wow! I wish I had known you were there. I work just half an hour down the road in Harrison. Meeting with the SoCal group is a little far for me to travel but you were 'just over yonder'. I would be interested in hearing about your next outing. If I can't attend as a participant, at least I can stop by and give moral support.

    • Victoria says:

      Hi NortonRyder, please join the A3P forum (look for a link that says "Forum" at the top of any page on the A3P website).

      Most of the forum is restricted for registered A3P members only, but there's also an area for public discussion and you could even send me a PM (my screen name on the forum is Victoria).

      I do hope you'll purchase an A3P membership, but even if you don't we'd still appreciate having you participate in outings like the one in Ridgedale. We'll also be getting regular A3P meetings in the Harrison area started this summer.

      So get in touch with me through the A3P forum; I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    I had never thought about distributig literature at a travel plaza, excellent idea Victoria.

  3. Don says:

    A great story. Rank and file whites know the score and will support and receive us well when given the chance.