A3P Inaugural Conference A Smashing Success

Less than six months after it was launched, the American Third Position is already showing signs that it may very well have the potential to one day become a major contender in the political arena. And with about 40 members signing up each month – a rate that continues to increase as the party continues to grow its infrastructure – it won’t be long until the blossoming network of activists recruits the manpower and financing it needs to kick down the door of the political establishment.

Even while the media remains silent about the existence of the A3P – no doubt for fear of fanning the flames of political revolution – its website is already more-trafficked in the United States than any other party, according to Alexa. Without a doubt, it is the fastest-growing political party in America.

And, while nearly anyone would be hard-pressed to describe an encounter with an activist of any other political party, A3P activists have already proven their dedication and commitment to achieving political representation for our people through real, street-level activism with religious fervor, with some A3P teams holding local outreach-events better than once a week.

Its most recent success, an inaugural conference in Irvine, California, also bodes well for the future of the party. The event, which took place on Saturday evening, featured some of the most influential people in American Nationalism. Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, and Party Chairman, Bill Johnson, all spoke to topics concerning the development of the party. And the 40 or so select-attendees listened with great interest as party leadership assessed the situation facing our people and laid out plans to win back the country.

“There is excellent evidence that White Americans are very angry at the political system, especially middle-class and working-class whites. These white people see the country being taken away from them — politically and culturally”, said Party Director, Kevin MacDonald, pointing to the fact that, within the sphere of American politics, there exists a giant vacuum.

“The simple fact is that no one wants to be ruled by a different group — to see his own people worse off than others.”

“For the American Third Position, certainly in the medium term ,we should hope that we can be seen as a viable alternative, as the current system continues to collapse and White voters become evermore dissatisfied with the two major parties. Whites are certainly already voting on the basis of their identity as Whites, not along traditional class lines.”

“The time is certainly right”, announced MacDonald to the eager crowd.

Speaking to the necessity of advancing cultural power alongside political power, Dr. Tom Sunic, a former Croatian diplomat, reminded party members that we must endeavor to highlight the uniqueness of American culture and the American identity. And while the job may be difficult in the face of a powerful media-machine, he reminded his audience that, “where there is a will, there is always a way.”

Pausing in solemnity, the former professor expressed the direness of the situation and the absolute importance of making this a reality, saying,  “The A3P is the last-ditch effort to reboot our race.”

Chairman Johnson addressed what members might do to better attract ordinary Americans to the organization and concluded his presentation with a call to action.

“We must use the A3P as a gathering place to gain political and social solidarity.  We must meet together regularly to exchange ideas and to render mutual support and improvement. We must call on our family, our friends, and our neighbors to join this great cause”, said Johnson.

“We must be truth-tellers, when it comes to liberty, sovereignty, and identity. We must join together in the American Third Position and change the world”, announced the Chairman, providing the audience his final words.

While audio and video of the event will be forthcoming, a sampling of the event can be found by clicking this link:


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  1. Rengadelocke says:

    What would be a great idea, is if someone could reach out to Mel Gibson –

    Sounds comical I know, but perhaps a movie could be made on behalf of the discriminated and attacked White People of the world.

    Who else would take such an affair? It may do well at the Box office – Similar to what was done with “Roots”

    Gibson is about to retire, but something as “Non Politically Correct” as this, may recharge him a bit.

  2. Greying Wanderer says:

    "And with about 40 members signing up each month"

    Great start.

  3. Reader says:

    I echo your thoughts octoberfreedom. Well said.

  4. octoberfreedom says:

    The A3P has to find a way to grow at more than 40 members a month, while it's certainly a good pace to start with for a new party practically invisible to the rest of America (thank the silent media), you must find creative ways to reach the majority of America's 200 million whites who aren't active in the nationalist movement.

    You have to creatively find ways to reach potential members where you don't think of going. Places in the South, Mid-West, New England where in the the small towns and burbs whites converse at local restaurants and outside pubs. Think bigger than California, think all of America, when you really think of it, it's a daunting challenge to reach tens of millions of whites. And, you only going to reach a majority of them by getting out of your comfort zone on everything from policies to ideas.

    Don't rely on the internet, either, to get your message out, because nearly 50% of white-America don't access the net, that is why it's even more critically important to be active, to be able to influence local communities.

    You have to work within your limits, so the A3P should take advantage of every opportunity to encourage A3P members to be available, and to get out there and flier shopping centers, homes, rally, participate in local activities.

    Eventually, any hard work pays off, but don't sit by thinking well, were gaining 40 members a month, so that is enough to satisfy your appetite. There must be will-power within the A3P to see it grow.

    • Mike Delaney says:

      "you must find creative ways to reach the majority of America's" Very true which is why I am going to donate some of my time to create some promo commercial videos for A3P. I wont credit myself or my sites because it will be strictly geared to A3P's views and mission.


  5. Dr. Jim Saleam says:

    Dear American Third Position,

    Best wishes to you in the wake of your conference. Many here here understand the road you are taking. I look forward to your party developing strongly

    Dr. Jim Saleam
    Australia First Party