A3P Launch Marked by Tabletop Outreach

Even before the American Third Position was officially launched, the Southern California branch was christening its new outreach-booth along the heavily-trafficked coastline at Huntington Beach. And, not knowing what to expect from their beleaguered countrymen, the young activists were proud to report that their message was incredibly well-received.

“We delivered several hundred of our ‘American Jobs for American Workers’ flier, a few scores of our more detailed anti-immigration brochure, and we even gave out a few dozen stickers to people who decided to come back to our booth after having read our materials”, reported Sean Vax, who organized the event.

“I thought the stickers might be somewhat controversial, as they bore the caption, ‘for race & nation’, but people really seemed to enjoy them, and quite a few came up to us just to grab a handful. People seemed to be emboldened by our presence.”

The young activists were pleased to report that they also received offers by no less than three passersby to come out and help at the booth the very following weekend. They were even more excited to hear that one of the people they spoke with had registered on the website and had asked to become a party member.

The Southern California branch plans to conduct outreach efforts on a weekly basis, and the group promises to soon begin a door-to-door registration effort, which will help to satisfy the state’s requirements for ballot access.

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  1. Publius says:

    Keep it up!

  2. sandman says:

    Benjamin Jealous's speach about the Tea Party is comical, say that speech verbatum as a White man and refer to the NAACP and you'll be labeled as "THE BIGGEST RACIST THREAT TO AMERICA". So much for equal rights for ALL that the NAACP swears by. I'm a Proud White American and I'm pissed and looking to level the playing field, we are 73% of the poup, why are we acting like cowards, stand up and stop this one-sided race war!!!! Stop the hate and remove those who use color to promote it!! I'm an American first and last!! When we stop the color wars, we win!!! I don't use the dredded 'N" word, don't use the "C" word (cracker) and we're even!!!

  3. Caeruleus says:

    This new party makes a lot of sense to me.

  4. Joe Owens says:

    Good luck.

  5. Joe Hadenuff says:

    Where is your religious stance? Or do you not have one? Groups such as folkandfaith.com have similar stances yet as well take a religious stance.

  6. Barbara says:

    I am happy that people in California now have the opportunity to save their state from the Mexicanization it is suffering through. If such a movement begins in California it should spread across the nation.

    I would like to know how to go about getting this party started in my state. I am going to find people locally who are interested in this who can be the party leaders and candidates.

    Heros have emerged to lead us and now we have a chance of saving our nation and the rest of Western Civilization.

  7. William M. says:

    Great job guys! It might be useful to canvass the local colleges and universities for voters and volunteers.

  8. Greg P. says:

    Great news! Keep up the good work! I have been sending your intro video to all my contacts, best of luck out there!

    And remember, repetition is key..even if you don't feel like you're make progress (which the A3P obviously IS) your continued presence makes a psychological impact that if you keep up could cause another and decisive surge in membership and support.