A3P Leadership Meet for Planning Session

Just beyond the base of the foothills in La Canada, California, on a ranch perfectly nestled between green and gently-sloped draws, officers of the American Third Position, on Saturday, met to engage in a detailed planning session as to how best to go about saving their nation. While most folks were outside enjoying the warm weather commonly afforded to Southern Californians, Party Chairman, Bill Johnson, Director, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Jamie Kelso, and a number of patriots from the So Cal A3P spent hours pouring over case studies, arguing the merits of different strategies, and developing a plan to win political representation for genuine Americans.

Specifically, the leaders developed a long-term plan to overcome ballot access laws, which are customized in each state by the political establishment to restrict political representation to those of the correct persuasion. Respecting the daunting task stretched the course of years before them, Chairman Johnson pointed out the need the need to attack the seemingly impossible from every angle and that the struggle before the party extends beyond the blurred boundaries of the gates of the establishment.

Accordingly, party officials agreed that, while the worsening situation in America necessitates the existence of a party whose sole purpose is represent the political interests of White Americans, the situation also merits utilizing the other mainstream parties as vehicles to win representation for Americans, with respect to oppressive ballot access laws. The belief is that, given the opportunity, many millions of Americans will vote for a Nationalist candidate and that this opportunity must be presented immediately.

To that end, officers of the party will go about the process of constructing a political action committee for the purposes of organizing, financing, and managing the campaigns of Nationalist office-seekers who would like to run under an A3P endorsement on another ticket. Upon launch of the PAC, Nationalists the country over will immediately have an opportunity to step forward, run for office, and give people in their community a real alternative to the Republicans and Democrats who have been, for decades, engaged in a campaign to destroy our way of life. These candidates will use the mainstream parties as vehicles to challenge the mainstream parties, wherever and as much as possible.

Chairman Johnson also agreed to establish a 501c related to the A3P, in order that the party can better facilitate its outreach efforts in areas not entirely related to the political sphere. To christen the fund, and much to the delight of others in attendance, Johnson also offered to put forward a generous sum.

While it is true that there are a great many fledgling third parties in America,the A3P is most assuredly not one of them. With incredible interest pouring in from across the country, the party has been blessed with a great deal of resources, financial and otherwise.  The awe-inspiring amount of financial contribution from members and supporters will allow the party to hire its first full-time employee, a move which party leaders say will occur shortly.

With the continued support of so many people, and with so much determination on the part of the party’s leadership, it is only a matter of time until Americans have a vehicle to force into the discourse of the establishment what is already the discourse of the public.

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  1. Mike says:

    Good show. Makes me proud to be a new member.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    Now I know for certain I'm in the right crowd; for I love chocolate Grahm cookies.

  3. Brayner says:

    I just joined!