A3P Members Spread Nationalist Message in New Castle, Pa

A team of West Virginia activists has linked up with A3P members in New Castle, Pennsylvania, for a day of activism, reports organizer Harry Bertram.

The team assembled at a local grocery to engage ordinary Pennsylvanians in  dialogue concerning the state of the American economy, immigration, and the future of our nation.

The team distributed hundreds of A3P postcards to store-goers, many of whom expressed interest the A3P message and discussed with activists their frustration with the political establishment.Still, other members walked the lot to leave leaflets on windshields.

Part of Mr. Bertram’s strategy for success in future elections in West Virginia lays in establishing relationships with the local activists he will need to help with campaigning. And his tireless efforts are beginning to pay off.

Recently, Mr. Bertram’s West Virginia team meeting saw a dozen activists out.

Nearby A3P members and supporters are encouraged to contact Mr. Bertram at

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  1. tma_sierrahills says:

    When I see what our valiant volunteers are accomplishing, I can't help thinking of the first line from an old John Denver song:

    "Almost heaven, West Virginia."

    And the first line from an older state song:

    “Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania,
    Mighty is your name.”