A3P Northeast Networks at Summer Tea Party and Euro-fest

On Saturday June 26, members of A3P Northeast distributed hundreds of “Globalization: Not a Good Thing” and “American Jobs for American Workers” handbills to an enthusiastic Oktoberfest crowd. The team of super-activists conducted a similar program of outreach the following week, on July 3, at the Morristown, NJ Tea Party rally, the largest of those held in Metro New York, with around 1500 folks in attendance.

Below is an account of the events from the organizer:

Everyone accepted our literature and we received enthusiastic responses from most takers. The Tea Party speakers were reasonably effective in courting cheers from the crowd; one of whom themed his speech with “anger.” He emphasized that he was angry about: the lack of border enforcement; the socialist nature of Obamacare; and the increasingly oppressive disposition of the federal government.

Those tabling the Tea Party varied in their approach from encouraging attendees to sign up for upcoming mass protests in Washington DC to handing out glossy pocket-sized U.S. Constitutions. Several gentlemen were conspicuously dressed in Revolutionary War attire and many Vietnam veterans attended. One fellow told us that he is moving from New Jersey soon in large part due to the state’s crushing property tax burden. The Abbott (Third World demographic) school districts have been a tremendous drain on the suburban (white) property owner. We make sure that those who engaged us receive the A3P tri-fold brochure “Immigration: Enough is Enough.” Fortunately, ragtag communist-styled opposition was nowhere to be found.

Needless to say, both events were almost exclusively comprised of our people, varying only by age, socio-economic status and temperament. Following the Morristown Tea Party, we relaxed with a few drinks and light conversation at a nearby pub. It is crucial that we network at – to borrow Kevin McDonald’s phrase – implicitly white activities such as Tea Parties and Euro festivals to bring the message of hope to our people.

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  1. Bro. Wayne says:

    Keep up the good work :)

  2. It is absolutely necessary to live this and not simply discuss it. There is a tsunami of sentiment in the populist direction. Now would be a good time to jump aboard the ship you’ve been waiting for. Perhaps it will not leave port without you.

  3. American3P says:

    Great work, guys.

  4. Victoria says:

    Fantastic activism! And what a great looking crowd. Well done, New Jersey A3P.