A3P Scheduled to Launch 1/4/10

Whether or not the political establishment is ready, the American Third Position is scheduled to launch on the first working day of the new year. At that time, we will begin accepting new members into our ranks. In the meanwhile, our headquarters element is hard at work, putting the finishing touches on a proper infrastructure – one that will bear the weight of what is likely to come.

Prospective members are encouraged to have a look around, read through our materials, sign up on our open-to-the-public network, and consider joining, just as soon as we’re in orbit.

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  1. Brayner says:

    maybe one day an american third position candidate will become president of the u.s
    but for now we just have to keep expanding

  2. bryan says:

    Test Test…Am I being censered here?

  3. Wilson says:

    This is what we need to do now. The government is working for somebody else.

    • Seadragonconquerer says:

      It's not a government. It's a wrecking crew. And for the time being, while we organize, recruit, and generate leadership, let the ZOG-stooge demicans and republicrats do their worst. They will be making our long-term task – taking power as a first and only party – that much easier,