American White Population is Being Overwhelmed and Displaced

According to preliminary results from the 2010 US Census, traditional Americans are increasingly being displaced by Hispanic immigrants flooding into our country primarily through the Southwestern and Western Mountain states.

The US Census Bureau is expected to officially release data, which many demographers and population analysts already knew, demonstrating that the new “mean center” of the US population will no longer be in the Midwest, a region historically synonymous with traditional American culture and heritage and often referred to as America’s “heartland.”

The dramatic and historic change expected to move America’s population center from Missouri to Texas has been driven exclusively by explosive Hispanic growth in such states as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and of course California.

California and Texas alone account for roughly twenty-five percent of our Nation’s population increase, and Nevada and Arizona weigh in at the number one and two positions for states with the greatest percentage increases in population.

Although California’s overall population growth was only about ten percent, the “hispanic” or “latino” population grew at an alarming twenty eight percent, while the traditional white population decreased by 5 percent, and even the black population decreased by one percent.

The A3P’s immigration policy consultant and expert population analyst John Werner states: “This new information coming out of the 2010 US Census is very troubling, and every American should be concerned about the future of this Nation.”

“What essentially is happening in California is that the non-white hispanic population is displacing the traditional white population, and to a lesser extent the black population,” continued Mr. Werner. “This is due to not just legal and illegal immigration, which is the major contributing factor, but there are also two other very important contributing factors to this demographic disaster.”

Mr. Werner went on to say: “First is the flight our traditional population from the oncoming Third World culture and living conditions that these immigrants bring with them, and second is the out of control and unrestricted reproduction of such immigrants once they are in our country.”

“A phenomenal situation is occurring in Arizona, where the traditional white population actually increased by thirteen percent”, stated Werner, “but the non-white Hispanic population has increased a staggering forty-six percent.”

“Let’s make no mistake about it, this is a looming disaster for our country that has yet to fully manifest itself”, said Mr. Werner. “If the policies outlined by the American Third Position are not implemented quickly, very soon traditional Americans will have considerably less say in how our nation is governed.  Immigrants from Bolivia and Honduras will comprise a voting-block numerically more powerful than the descendants of America’s founding population.”

A3P policy aims to immediately halt ALL immigration and to expel ALL illegal aliens.

Allowing otherwise permits our great nation to fall prey to foreign invaders who have nothing in common with our way of life, or any respect for the values and traditions upon which our society is based.

Join the American Third Position today, and stand with American men and women whose sole ambition is the salvation of our race and nation.

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