Chairman Reflects on A3P Community-building

My home is in the fire-ravaged area of La Canada, California (a suburb of Los Angeles).  After the fire, heavy rains brought down tons of sand, dirt, mud and debris from the denuded hillside.  Forty-four homes in our town were damaged by the mudslides (my home included).  Our damage was not great because in anticipation of the rains, I installed a series revetments to hold back and channel the flow.  Still, four feet of sand and mud piled up against the garage of our guest house.  Mud also buried our pool pump and equipment.   Also, we lost a chicken coop and horse fencing went down.

Neighbors and church members spent hours helping clean out the mud.  Not at our house, but at a neighbor’s house, government workers were also deployed to remove debris. (Governor Schwarzenegger even came to the community for a shovel-wielding photo op.) The neighbors and church members worked tirelessly for hours.  However, when quitting time came, the government workers promptly left without any qualms or concern.  This demonstrates that community effort works better and more efficiently than workers paid by tax-dollars.

Several A3P members called to offer help.  I turned them down because they would have had to travel from great distances to get to our house.  I can’t wait, however, until we have units and groups peppered throughout the nation so that we can efficiently render assistance as a group to our own members and to our neighbors.  When that happens, the quality of our lives will improve and we will truly be on the road to re-establishing our communities for our people and our children.

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