Chairman’s Address: Call for Candidates

“The dramatic 14 percent vote for an American Third Position candidate for a local Board of Education election in West Virginia has served as evidence that pro-white candidates are viable at all levels,” William Johnson, chairman of the A3P, has said.

“We have proven that it is possible to mobilize white Americans in significant numbers,” said Mr. Johnson.

“The West Virginia result comes on top of the very credible 11 percent vote in a primary in New Hampshire earlier this year.

“Considering that these votes are in areas which are some of the most untouched by Third World immigration, the potential we have for even greater votes in other areas must be immense.

“As a result, the executive of the American Third Position has issued a call upon all members and supporters to launch their own election campaigns, for all offices which they deem appropriate.

“Elected positions could include city council, school boards, water boards, state assembly, congress, and even the senate.

“Appointed positions include planning commissions, parks and recreation boards, trail councils, and so on. During this process, it is important to proudly state that we are members of the American Third Position and support its views,” Mr. Johnson continued.

“If many of us make the effort, some will achieve success. It is critical for the forward momentum of our movement that we do not stop and rest on our laurels. We need more candidates, more officials, and more of our people being seen in their communities.

“Our race, nation and civilization call. Will you answer?” he concluded.

*Anyone seeking to stand for office on behalf of the A3P is urged to contact us via email at or by phone at (949).

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