Establishment Sets Parameters for Immigration Debate: Amnesty Or Status Quo yet another exercise in what amounts to attempting to establish the boundaries of debate concerning immigration, one of the most pressing matters facing our nation, the establishment today released another report detailing the purported economic benefits of making citizens of illegal aliens, who are currently in the process of colonizing most of the American Southwest. The report came, this time, from long-time forced-enrichment enthusiast, Dr. Manuel Pastor, co-Director of USC’s Center for the Study of Immigrant [Forced] Integration (CSII), and was widely reported on by establishment press outlets.

In the report, it was granted to a less-than-eager audience, the beleaguered American people, the startling revelation that making more citizens would serve to boost tax revenues. More specifically,  it was professed that in California alone, there would be, stemming from the dismissal of the will of the American people, an additional $350M in tax revenues in the short run. This is as California pays out more than $10B a year in disbursements to illegal immigrants.

In all mainstream press accounts, it is reported that the alternative offered by those who oppose  attempts to surrender the sovereignty of our nation is to postpone amnesty until a later, more-fitting date, as such a practice wouldn’t be fair to the better than 10% of the population that is currently without employment or that is struggling to get by on government-issued food stamps. These positions are reflected in the  actions of both wings of the political establishment, with the Democrats demanding amnesty now, and with the Republicans swearing allegiance to maintaining the status quo: unfettered immigration and absolutely no control over the borders of our nation.

Brian Alexander, American Third Position activist and expert on immigration offers the American people a far more agreeable alternative to the course offered by Dr. Manuel Pastor and the political establishment he represents. “We reject the boundaries of the debate, as there isn’t any debate. This is our country, and we will do with it as we please. It is the American Third Position’s stance that all illegal aliens will be expelled from our land, by penalizing those who hire and house them. We will expense any costs associated with the expulsion of illegal aliens to the governments of their respective countries of origin. We will also provide them [the foreign governments] with a bill for what we have had to pay to temporarily house their citizens,” he said, highlighting the A3P’s commonsense immigration policy.

The A3P’s position is clear, concise, and commonsense. It doesn’t require endless reports by “experts” to gain validity. The vast majority of Americans already agree with us, whether in public or in private, and now it is on us to give them the opportunity to vote for such a prospect. Consider joining the fight for liberty, sovereignty and identity today. Become a member of the American Third Position.

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  1. voltaire says:

    I and other white people in the small town I live in got very tired of the pc love fest crap going on in our city council so in 2008 we fired the mayor and half the council, rolling back all the pc b-s. this year 2010 we are going to finish the other half of the council. the result has been staggering,crime has went from over nine hundred acts to less than twenty,the minority population went from 16.6% to less than 1%. without thier white enablers the tax scroungers left town in droves. All power is local and this proved it.

  2. Vox says:

    Mexicans are a blend of Spanish invaders and native Indians. They are not natives. The absurd idea that they're in the homeland is a tool used by the misogynists to make you surrender. The Mexicans are invaders then and invaders now. Coming across our border is an act of war and should be treated as same. Shoot invaders on site! They are militant invaders and have invaded your country in an aggressive act of war!

  3. doriano pulpito says:

    I think each people must stay in your own country, the revolutions in most countries mainly African nations force its population to immigrate to an others and end in Americas increase economic and social dificults

  4. GoKMac! says:

    Iceland is the most homogeneous white nation. Target for destruction!

  5. Robert Jones says:

    “We reject the boundaries of the debate, as there isn’t any debate. This is our country, and we will do with it as we please."
    ~Brian Alexander

    At long last a group of competent and courageous men have stepped forward who are capable of awakening the American people from the decade’s long nightmare they have endured.

    I find it so very refreshing, and uplifting, to hear leaders address America's numerous problems without the typical PC hemming & hawing .It's about time that men of conviction confronted our enemies without all of the usual forced smiling and insincere back slapping those who have betrayed us engage in.

    I totally agree with Brian, there is absolutely nothing to debate here and there are no agreements or concessions to be made. We steadfastly oppose any and all attempts at stealing our land, culture, and identity.

    Thank God for the A3P.

  6. lograda says:

    We are seeing worldwide what is taking place here. Massive immigration from third-world countried into (formerly) first world countries. Pretty soon, if policies aren't changed, America and the rest of Europe will be dragged down. We're already witnessing it in England, as the government there, as here, offer immigrants money and housing; and have pushed the standard of living in the UK down to third world status.
    Europeans do not need anyone else to survive. Most of these immigrants contribute nothing to society and are leeches. Much like locusts, they swarm to rich nations, and once they have eaten and bled them dry, they move on to another host country.
    Did anyone see Oprah in Denmark? She was almost offended how they are all tall, lean and blonde. The secret's out, look out Denmark, massive immigration will start once everyone has seen what a great culture and government you have there.

  7. GS Bailey says:

    I’ve been saying this for years. Deduct the costs of illegal aliens from the aid we give to Mexico – they belong to Mexico, let that country foot the bill for them.

  8. lograda says:

    We need to pay attention to what's happening in Europe at the moment. Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician, is going on trial January 20th for freedom of speech. He is charged by his own government with inciting hatred against an ethnic group, Muslims. Pay close attention, freedom of speech is on trial here; and if he loses, the rest of Western democratic countries look out.

  9. lograda says:

    I shamefully admit voting for Obama. I did not think that our own government would be discrimating against White males, but it's happening. It's just a matter of time before our Southern states are turned into a third-world cesspool.
    Christian White males have had their hands tied behind their backs, taking abuse from every side, for far too long. And we cannot stand up for ourselves because it's 'racist.'
    We need to unite, period.

  10. lograda says:

    2010: The Year to End WHITE GUILT

  11. Surtr says:

    This is the correct policy, and I am happy to see a party openly proposing it. But this issue must be framed in a manner that is palpable to most Americans. They also have to understand that our 'house is full' and that an immediate moratorium on ALL immigration is a necessity at this point.

    No more immigration, either legal or illegal, for a LONG time. We also then need to clearly defeat the idea that tax payers have to foot the bill of those who are simply not willing to work for their subsistence. Most Americans agree with this sentiment, but we most frame it as an issue of 'abuse by the lazy' and not of 'survival of the fittest'. Too many Americans are unfortunately corrupted by a false (and mostly pathetic) sense of responsibility for the irresponsibility's of others. If we frame most of those who live on welfare accurately (i.e. as drug addicted parasites), our job to push these common sense policies is almost done.

    Great work on the site by the way!