First-Ever A3P Conference Saturday 6:30pm PST

Tomorrow evening, the American Third Position will hold its first-ever national Conference in Southern California. Dr. Tom Sunic, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, and A3P Chairman, Bill Johnson, will address a live audience in Southern California, speaking to the most pressing issues of our time. Other speakers will present various topics concerning the development of the American Nationalist political movement. Traven Tucker, possibly the most well-known American Nationalist singer, will inspire those in attendance with a half-hour of song.

While attendance is by invite only, the American Third Position is pleased to announce that everyone can enjoy the conference live. At 6:30pm PST, simply follow the below link to Voice of Reason radio, where a good portion of the event will be broadcast in real-time.

Click here at 6:30pm to listen

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  1. Victoria says:

    The A3P conference is streaming on Voice of Reason internet radio right now. The conference started at 7:00 Pacific (instead of 6:30 as announced). Tune in to listen:

    • Kilted American says:

      Can’t wait for this to be archived, and for the video to come out. Was so happy to be able to attend this, and hope the message reaches millions.