League of American Patriots, Nationalist Organization of the Northeast, Merges with A3P

It is with great pleasure that the American Third Position announces the incorporation of the League of American Patriots into the A3P. The League’s tireless efforts in promoting the principles of liberty, sovereignty, and identity, the courage and dedication of its leaders and members, and the gracefulness by which it presents its message to the American people is a perfect fit for the American Third Position.

The merger represents a giant step forward for the A3P, whose flagship So Cal team is now complimented by a vast network of super-activists throughout the Northeast.

The Chairman of the League, remarking on the reasons he felt compelled to transform his activist network into an A3P team, offered the A3P news-crew the following remarks:

After thorough discussions among the membership, the League of American Patriots has unanimously decided to shift from a regional group to becoming the Metro New York area chapter of American Third Position. We have had an exceptional two and a half year run. However, A3P provides the best opportunity to continue our work, though on a national level. We encourage all of those in respectable nationalist organizations to do likewise. A main step in the LOAP’s transition is to replace our sponsorship logo on James Edwards’ Political Cesspool homepage to that of A3P. We highly recommend his new book, “Racism, Schmasim.”

We are all invigorated and looking forward to continuing our efforts under the American Third Position banner. We must organize our people into an effective fighting force for preserving and resuscitating Western Civilization. As a newer nationalist organization, A3P is accumulating the resources (brains, brawn, and finances) necessary for this colossal task ahead of us. All members must constantly bear in mind that A3P’s message for our people is in fact mainstream, while that of our enemies clearly is not. Here are some of the LOAP’s more significant activities since early 2008:

League Officer Saves Fisherman’s Life: Risk Necessary to Save Our People

League Members Join Mourning for Polish Tragedy at U.S. Katyn Memorial

League Members Conduct Appalachian Relief Drive

League Members Rescue David Irving’s Lectures in Metro NY – 3 Times in a Row

League Members Attend ‘Tea Parties’ in NJ and NY

League Successfully Defends US Political Prisoner

League Members Attend Sentencing of Israeli Agent, Ben-Ami Kadish…

The League Holds its Inaugural Meeting in the Spring of 2008

From the American Renaissance Conference of February 22 to 24, 2008

As we grow, our party will continue to attract genuine activists whose main concern is the future of our once great nation.  Such acquisitions will enable our party to field activists, and eventually candidates, to compete with the political establishment.  Our enemies have it in for us. Let us beat them by working for ourselves.  Let us win by creating for ourselves the political representation that our children deserve.

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  1. James Hallman says:

    Of course this merger has already been denounced by the SPLC ( Southern Poverty Law Convention) , but this is to be expected from a racist anti-white organization that could care less about the civil rights of our people, and yet has the audacity to call themselves a Civil Rights Organization. The SPLC over looks the disproportionate black on white crime in the U.S. for instance as if it doesn't even matter, and obviously to them, it doesn't. So it's no surprise that the SPLC looks upon The league of American Patriots joining the A3P as being something negative, because anything that is positive for the European/American in their perspective, is always going to be negative. I would like to see literally hundreds of like minded organizations and individuals give their time and resources towards bringing about REAL change to our nation, not to be mistaken for the Socialist/Marxist change that our President apparently has in mind for us.

  2. Jim Elsmore says:

    It's great to see various small and independent groups merging into a national network instead of duplicating efforts. A3P is doing a great job of promoting moderate, mainstream, pro-White American advocacy. Keep up the good work!

  3. Bill T. Sherman says:

    This is fantastic news. Coast-to-coast the most and sea to shining sea!

  4. Dixie_Forever says:

    An excellent step in the right direction for our people. Let us die together or we will certainly hang separately, as was once stated.

  5. Victoria says:

    We are so excited to have a solid group of patriots merging with us! "We encourage all of those in respectable nationalist organizations to do likewise." Yes, spendid idea. I hope to see all of our new NY Metro members on the forum soon.