Root for the Underdog

Ever since multiculturalism assumed its dominant position as the governing social philosophy of our country, Americans have been subjected to a massive appeal for aid to individuals and groups less fortunate. Part of the success of this appeal has been its ability to play on the average American’s sense of fairness and historic sympathy for the underdog. As Americans, we know it is indeed possible to overcome daunting obstacles and to achieve the unimaginable.

The communist social scientists and political vote-grabbers who brought us multiculturalism have twisted this healthy feeling of ours into a type of bloodletting whereby Americans allow themselves to be bled dry all the while believing the process to be good for them. For decades now, we have been duped into allowing millions of foreigners to invade our land and, as a result, have seen neighborhood after neighborhood sink into the Third World. Whole cities and counties have been completely transformed. Parks, schools, and shopping areas that were once recognizably American are now near picture-images of the slums from which their inhabitants originated.

Many Americans recognize the impact our species is having on the environment. At the very least, we all understand the negative circumstances overpopulation creates. How can other nations learn to cope with issues of overpopulation when we forever allow them to funnel their unwanted in our direction? The whole world will not long be able to sustain such growth. Everyday we hear news on the issue of planet sustainability. What about famines and food shortages many in the world are already experiencing? Should we invite them all to eat our food? How long is this sustainable? How can we expect to absorb such quantities of people without incurring the obviously attendant consequences? Out of control population growth will probably provide some of this century’s greatest horrors. America has already become a type of refugee center for whole segments of other nations. What kind of country do we want to leave our progeny? The situation today is much different from that of our nation’s founding; today, America is full. We are already overpopulated.

Americans must understand that the future of our country depends on us coming to our senses and enacting policies that benefit our people. The first in a long list would be to limit the number of immigrants entering this country. No mainstream political party in America is willing to touch this issue. All are in agreement that recent arrivals make the best recruits. This goes for the Republicans as well as the Democrats, Bush no less than Obama. Each views their survival as depending on immigrant votes. They understand that if trends continue, whole portions of their voter base must be comprised of this demographic for them to continue winning elections. What are they going to tell their voters if famine threatens said voter’s former homeland? Are the Republicans likely to refuse the pleas of a potential swing vote? Are the Democrats going to say no to millions more added on to an already “minority” based coalition? Americans need to realize that we have become the underdog.

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  1. In the nineties, these multi-culturalists wanted to name us european-american, this is an offense to our New World sensibility.

    White American

  2. California Schemin' says:

    Yeah, since they're so concerned about the environment and resources you'd think they'd stop immigration, wouldn't you?

  3. ChristyTN says:

    If only the A3P had GeekSquad guys as members. I know there's a lot to get done but the communication lacks. there needs to be a way to bring it up to par.

  4. Robert Jones says:

    EXCELLENT article, bravo!!!

  5. Victory Call says:

    Boosting up the underdog is a great equalizer! A perfect complement to suppressing the successful. Do both with enough gusto, and we'll all be equal… equally miserable.

    I'm going to root for America, not because we've become the underdog, but because it's time to root for ourselves.

  6. Brayner says:

    Miami,Florida is already a Third World city mainly because of the millions of cuban/haitan refugees pouring in and attaining government sponsored grants to stay permanently.

  7. Daniel Wesley Lewis says:

    We also need to reverse laws that deter European immigration and encourage 3rd world immigration.
    Personally I'm not worried about over-population. European-Americans and Europeans have traditionally always found a way around shortages. You can even say we don't do shortages! Put a few English and Dutch farmers in Zimbabwe and will feed the whole continent.