So Cal A3P Introduce Innovative Approach to Reaching the Public

Members of So Cal A3P, the party’s flagship activist-team, this past weekend revealed a new method to introducing local people to the American Third Position: an objective survey gauging sentiment as toward quality of life in America. More specifically, taking it upon themselves to advance the party, the So Cal activists asked members of the public to answer either yes or no to a series of questions related to the quality of education, state of community cohesion, economic climate, and degree of political representation in America. Those who participated in the survey were asked to look back 40 years to determine whether or not these items had gotten better or worse. They were then asked whether or not they believed that these things, in 40 years, would improve or worsen. Finally, participants were asked if they would consider voting for an alternative political party.

The aim of the activists was to encourage members of the community to carefully consider these things and to introduce those sympathetic to the American Third Position. Those who answered that they believed things had gotten worse and would continue to do so were offered party literature and asked to further investigate the party.

The activists, always eager, went to a local shopping center to test their newest strategy. While outside the doors of a large shopping outlet, the activists reported that they surveyed better than 40 people. They were keen to point out that, while few declined, it was a time-consuming process and did not lend well to reaching a vast audience. However, the young activists also pointed out the both the effectiveness of the technique and the change in the way they were perceived by the public.

“Suddenly, we became authority figures. People, more than nearly anything else, take pride in the correctness of their positions, and they don’t want to be wrong.  And so many of those who participated in the survey asked for some form of clarification or guidance concerning the proper response”, remarked Brian Alexander, who helped organize the vent.

He continued, “Even while we refused be anything other than objective, people wanted to speak to us. When they were through with the survey, we would fold their survey, making certain to never look at their responses, and place it into a bag. After everything was said and done, many stuck around to chat with us about the contents of the survey. Those interested were given as much literature as they could carry. ”

Members of the So Cal team were quite satisfied with the day’s results and promised to make it part of their outreach cycle. They have also resolved to share the poll results when a more adequate amount of data is gathered.

Party members can find a copy of the poll in the exclusive member’s forum and are encouraged to follow the lead of the So Cal team.

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