So Cal A3P Repel Attack by Immigrant Gang

Today it was reported by member’s of A3P So Cal that, during a routine outreach effort in San Clemente, California, 2 activists with the So Cal A3P team were physically attacked and nearly overtaken by more than 15 members of a passing immigrant gang. The activists, upon returning from the event and with the details of the struggle still fresh in their minds, recount for us the minutes leading up to the attack and how it was they were able to overcome the odds.

What follows is a report from Brian Alexander, one of the activists on the ground:

“It was pretty much a typical Saturday for us. We started our outreach effort in Huntington Beach, where there were tens of thousands of people to whom could be delivered our message of freedom. Satisfied with our efforts there, we elected to head south to San Clemente to reach a new audience, shedding from our ranks two of our members with prior commitments.

While there, we encountered nothing out of the ordinary for hours. We had a great many supporters approach our booth to speak with us and make pledges as to further investigate our party. That is, until, at the mouth of the pier where we were staged, we encountered what can only be described as an immigrant gang. There were about 15-20 of them, and they traveled by foot in two different elements, likely the product of some sort of terms they were on. With shaved heads, baggy clothes, and a striking degree of obesity about them, they were very much out of place in the nearly all-American town of San Clemente, and we suspect that they, like many other criminal gangs who frequent the area, were there as a matter of overcoming injunctions facing them in their own communities.”

For those unfamiliar with such injunctions, these are conditions created by the city attorney that make it illegal for members of gangs to be in the company of one another in certain areas. The result is that these gangs migrate to other towns to overcome the injunctions, and a regular pattern of terror follows. The immigrant gangs come to towns where Americans live and terrorize, brutalize, and victimize anyone they can.

While the two-man team of Nationalist activists continued in its mission to offer political representation to the people of San Clemente, the immigrant gang made several passes by the booth, making it clear their disagreement with the activist’s pro-American stance.

Mr. Alexander continues to recount the affair:

“It took them awhile, but they finally mustered up the courage to assault us. We knew it was coming, but we weren’t willing to be cowed by them, irrespective of the odds. My friend and I made a solemn promise to stand our ground, defend our materials, and maintain our position, no matter the cost.

It wasn’t long after that the largest two of the gang had approached our booth and begun to peel our banner off the table, in order that they could take it from us. We resisted this effort, and they relented. Not satisfied, they tried to flip the table. We resisted this as well, and they relented. It soon came to a more physical attack on our persons. All the while, the smaller folks in the gang began finding the courage to come closer to us. We were somewhat concerned but were fairing quite well, and, within minutes, through our resolve to not become victims, the contingent of gangsters distanced themselves from us. While we won’t offer all the details, our audience might appreciate the fact that we repelled our attackers, retained all of the the items we had brought with us, and maintained our position.

While surrendering their will to attack us, the leaders of the gang hurled a few final abuses at us, so as to help clarify their position.

“**** White people. This **** is ours now”, bellowed the leader of the gang, echoing the sentiment of the political establishment that allows him to terrorize local people with impunity.

This cry of hatred seemed to light a fire in the hearts of those who witnessed the attack, and many who had appeared indifferent only minutes prior were now sympathetic and asking us how they could assist. They asked us if we were alright and if we could use police assistance. We told them that we were fine, that we could take care of ourselves, and that we appreciated the concern.”

The other A3P activist was short in describing the affair but did offer the words, “Ya, [it] was pretty crazy. The place is so highly trafficked, however, that the invaders didn’t really have the time to rearrange our faces. Definitely a live and learn experience. Could have turned out much worse.”

The activists concluded the day of outreach with a well-deserved trip to the pub, where it was discussed the plans for continued activism the following weekend.

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  1. Old Stock American says:

    You fellas should make sure there's four of ya from now on if you can help it because these gangsters are really cowardly and like to have you outnumbered about 15 to 1. Keep up the good work though.

  2. Waljoy says:

    You guys are just the kind we need to help turn our country around. You are on the 'cutting edge' of the struggle, right in the trenches. We all should have been there for you and with you. You have our deep gratitude, respect, and admiration for your brave stand for our culture and heritage. With people of your caliber on our side, we have a fighting chance to prevail. You are heroes, even though you might not think you are. God bless and keep you!

    • Derek says:

      I totally concur with what Waljoy had to say.

      Don't think for a second that there and those of us out wherever that don't recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate what you did. We do recognize it, we do acknowledge it, we do appreciate it. Thank you for doing what's right.

  3. Ronald L. says:

    This is disgusting yet not totally unexpected in the adversity of today. Kudos to your efforts for standing ground and dissuading intimidation. I only wish we had more people like you in the liberal cesspool that is New York City.

    It is frustrating to fight a good fight and spread the word of sincere ideas in a world that is thoroughly positioned against it. The chimp-like outburst is really the least of the challenges to activism and expression. There are much more subtle, and obvious, challenges in our conditioned uniform world today.

    • danny says:

      hey ronald, I am in New York City….we should try to get the party going over here too, there must be some others…

  4. Greying Wanderer says:

    Good stuff. Well done.

  5. Todd says:

    OPEN CARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. A3P fan says:

    Remember to have a video camera at all times!

  7. Duane Stoffels says:

    It really is time for Americans to stand up for what is theirs shoulder to shoulder at any cost.God bless you,

  8. California Schemin' says:

    Thank you for all you are doing to promote our cause. This kind of activism takes a tremendous amount of courage and dedication. Keep it up!

    But I'll tell you … If this were a group of Mexican or Black activists, a federal investigation would have been launched the very next day, along with various lawsuits filed by MALDEF, NAACP, and other racial agitation groups! It's only going to get hotter, folks!

  9. Keith says:

    I understand all to well what we Americans are up against. Used to be a member of now defunct that was located in Southern California.

    I've personally have done nearly 80 protests against illegals in New Jersey and although not physically attacked have been spit upon, had epithets yelled at me and even the GOP calling the police as they did not like my protest of McCain supporting illegals.

    Anyone in the NJ area are welcome to contact me for friendship and/or activism.

  10. Citizens walk the streets, lest crime does the only walking.

  11. jjjohnson says:

    carry pepper spray friends. its helped me out on a few occasions.

  12. Joe Owens says:

    Well done, the Sons of Patrick Henry.

    Liverpool, England.

  13. danny says:

    Hey Keith, I am in Manhattan

  14. NH Storbeck says:

    We have exactly the same thing here in the United Kingdom, even our soldiers and war veterans are abuse and spat upon. Thank God we have the British National Party to fight our cause.
    Yorkshire, England

  15. Justin v. Ungaro says:

    Concurring with the thrust of the comments, I wonder why is there no "print" function on this site. I'd like some of the articles to be either filed in the appropriate folder of my filiing system as well as printed out to read in hard copy. My aging eyesight prevents me from doing much reading online, hence the need for the printed copy. JvU

  16. Mike says:

    Well done. Our people have physical courage in a way our enemies never will. You've just demonstrated this encouraging fact again.