So Cal A3P Revisit San Clemente, Leave in Triumph

Refusing to be intimidated by the violent immigrant gangs who frequent the beach at San Clemente, two of Southern California’s most dedicated political activists revisited the site where they were attacked just two weeks prior, ever-determined to bring the message of the A3P to the people of their community.  Unshaken by the attack, the A3P activists established their booth at the very spot they were forced to defend, in a somewhat symbolic display of courage.  This time, however, in a less-than-symbolic display of pragmatism, they brought with them 5 other equally-eager members of the So Cal team.

The activists were met with an even more promising response this showing. Even before they were finished setting their up their booth, in fact, just at the mouth of the San Clemente pier, the activists were approached by supporters walking alongside the strand that roughly parallels the beach. The team of 7 were able to pass out around 500 fliers, of both the “night-club style” and tri-fold persuasion. And one could see that, in the thin layer of sand covering the strand on the periphery of the booth, there was parted a path toward the team.

Many members of the public simply gave the thumbs up, a nod, or an approving smile. Still, many more offered questions as to what could be done to help, which was met with many well-prepared responses by those on the activist-team. And there were a few dozen people who engaged the activists in conversation about the plight of the average American. Two couples, in fact, returned to the booth at a later time to further engage the team in dialogue, advancing the boundaries of previous conversation as to potentially becoming members of the party.

A3P activist engages in heartfelt discussion with passerby

Certainly, this sharp-dressed and well-rehearsed team won the admiration of nearly all who passed by, and even the opposition this go around were well-mannered and willing to display a well-deserved display of civility.And whereas last time there was physical confrontation, this bout of activism merited no more opposition than a few beneath-the-breath remarks.

All in all, it was a great day for A3P So Cal. Another 500 fliers delivered in face-t0-face fashion, and at least one citizen registering as affiliated with the party on the spot.

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  1. Charles Schweigert says:

    A great approach,and proven to work.If more people got out on a local leval in every state and spread the message,momentum will build and the party will gain further strength and support.The American public needs to be educated as to what's Really Going On and what needs to be done to bring about change.I'm sure if representatives from the Lantino coalition were met with violence it would be front page news nation wide!

  2. 8814 says:

    Where's the video of the illegal aliens???

  3. Davo says:

    Excellent work guys. Your courage and work ethic, are an inspiration to us all.