So Cal Team Inspires San Clemente

While Americans have seen many things in our country change in recent decades, nothing has been more thoroughly altered than the national morale of our people. We have been repeatedly whipped, politically, and yet continue to enable our tormentors to thrash us. The reason we have been unwilling or unable to create and support political movements aimed at our benefit is that Americans have been conditioned toward ignoring the prospect entirely. We have been told, and have adopted the idea, that our people, as such, should not have any collective interests and that it is morally wrong for us to think in collective terms, unless those terms somehow negatively impact our self-image.

Our party is an attempt to change this way of thinking. We exist so as to embolden Americans to once again believe in themselves and our rights as a free people. Our task as party activists is to reinvigorate our people and to entice them to reengage in the political process. The establishment has given Americans much to be disillusioned about. Our job is to offer them something for which they can finally get excited.

A3P’s Southern California activists headed again to San Clemente this last weekend for another sunny day of political activism. Their idea is to make our party a fixture there, as it has become in other beach-side areas of Orange County. Our activists report meeting yet another positive reception and seemed in good spirits after their hard day’s work. Having set up camp in the same location as a few weeks prior, they well understood the terrain and were able to pass out a fair number of pamphlets before the setting sun called an end to their effort. It seems that the people of San Clemente are readily accepting of our message. By all accounts, were they able, many residents from this area would vote A3P had they the chance. In fact, by far the larger percentage of people our activists spoke with completely agreed with our platform.

The biggest obstacle we face in gaining support for our party is not a lack of concern for the welfare of our people but, rather, the prevalent disbelief that a genuinely patriotic political party could ever be remotely successful. Americans simply find it hard to imagine a patriotic agenda succeeding politically. Although Americans are generally patriotic by nature, most have never heard of a patriotic party or seen a truly patriotic candidate. Until recently, a good number of Americans probably supposed one might never exist at all.

Well, we do exist, as the people of San Clemente have been happy to learn. Let us now continue to inspire our people throughout America.

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  1. j.t says:

    I do believe that this mind set is changing due to A3P,roll on A3P.

  2. liam says:

    im from england, and when the bnp set up at stall they use the slogan (bring our troops home) slogan a massive one. it is the most effectiive thing to use at the moement, once you are realised as a party this is the slogan to use.