Taxed Enough Already

Now, more than ever, Americans feel sharply the burden we are obliged to shoulder on behalf of government expenditure. What many of us do not consider, however, is the endlessness of this problem. We fail to realize that the need to increase taxes is a certainty under current circumstances. As with any supply and demand formula, an increase in the use of government benefits must be paid for by taxpayers. When the level of needy individuals outpaces that of current government revenues, an increase in the rate of taxation is the inevitable outcome.

Increased taxation is merely the result of an increase in the ever growing percentage of the American population which takes more than it gives. In order to provide this population segment with the resources it requires, self sufficient Americans are forced to foot the bill. At a time, such as now, when Americans are being saddled with ever higher taxes, citizens of this country should consider why the number of persons reliant on government aid is an increasing phenomenon. Patriotic Americans must look beyond a mere “no” vote when considering this problem. We must dig to the heart of the matter, which is the mushroom like growth of a needy underclass bent on milking to the fullest the concept of economic redistribution. How can productive Americans afford such redistribution when there is no end in sight to the amount they are expected to pay?

The only way to combat increased taxation is to limit the growth of individuals reliant on the use of that tax money. The most logical place to begin is with those we are allowing to enter this country. Americans understand that an enormous quantity of immigrants come to our country with very little money and without the educational capacity to achieve a high standard of living once here. Furthermore, we are increasingly made aware of the fact that the social practices of most immigrants are less than conducive toward the American manner of self reliance. Whether by intent or otherwise, many immigrants, the vast majority of whom are impoverished Mexicans, become reliant on essential government services that they themselves are unable to pay for. Tax payers are already finding it difficult to cover the cost of providing services to genuine Americans. Further exacerbating this problem by importing millions of potential welfare recipients is definitely not the answer. By continuing to allow the world to dump its poor on our doorstep, we are creating for ourselves a situation wherein we must provide for these people.

The Democrat and Republican parties have proven themselves to be utterly indifferent to the plight of tax paying Americans. Although Republicans pay lip service to the idea of lower taxes, the two major political parties have both refused to curb immigration. Given the correlation between recent immigration and the rise of an insatiably consumptive underclass, one would think that first on our government’s agenda would be how to halt such a trend. This, however, is not the case, and as such, reveals to all the two parties’ complete betrayal of American interests. American tax payers will continue to see an ever increasing rate of taxation because the problems necessitating this increase remain unaddressed by America’s political establishment.

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