U.S. – Ours Much Longer?

The American republic was founded by a population whose social fabric was bound by the common ties of blood and culture. Far from a worldwide destination, our country at its inception was populated almost exclusively by citizens whose ethnic relations for millennia dwelt within the boundaries of an area no larger than many of our modern American states. We have had three primary non-majority migrations to our shores post 1776 and prior to 1965: the Irish, the Italian, and the Eastern European. Each of these migrations produced enormous upheavals within our society. America was hard put even to absorb these closely related and genetically assimilable populations.

During the 1920’s, patriotic American legislators concerned with a potential shift in the demographic makeup of our fair country, sought to ensure that the ethnic proportionality of the time remained in tact by greatly restricting, through annual quota programs, potential immigration waves from areas other than those ancestral to the historic majority of Americans. These genuine statesmen rightly believed the American character to reflect the racial makeup of its population and passed laws with the intent of maintaining the ethnic homogeneity of the American people.

The deterioration of American society post 1960 can be traced almost directly to the about face decided upon by our governing establishment concerning immigration policy half way through that decade. Really, the very character of our country as one possessing a unified interest and intent could be said to have been lost around that time. Our nation has since suffered an identity crisis, one whose tortured expression daily illustrates the very root of our calamity.

The 1965 immigration policy alterations authorized by our congress were sold to the American people as something which would have very little effect on the ethnic composition of our country. There are publicly available quotes from Ted Kennedy and his ilk arguing that our beloved America would never be flooded by the Third World, or anywhere else for that matter. We were lied to then, just as we as a people are consistently lied to, today. The result of our apathy toward such obvious fraud by our elected leadership has been an almost insurmountable drain on our resources combined with the virtual destruction of our sovereign liberty as a self-governing people.

America was founded by high minded and incredibly intelligent Europeans who understood that a political system such as they envisioned was fit only for those whose born capacity for self governance was equal to the mighty task of its fulfillment. America, as a principle, was understood by the signers of our Declaration and our Constitution to be first and foremost a responsibility toward oneself, as a human, to behave and to think in accordance with Right, and to cooperate with others by honoring known attributes of Justice and Civility.

The vast majority of recent immigrants are incapable of helping to sustain an America as set forth in the blueprints handed us by the Fathers of this country. Theirs is an alien mindset, having foreign origins, whose distinction from ours is plainly attributable to a difference in our respective evolutionary histories. This new and clearly most numerous wave of immigration is non-assimilable, and has come to sit upon our society like an oil spill. There are now various pockets of land all over our country whose unfortunate circumstances closely resemble the horrid conditions from which their immigrant populations fled.

Our race is rapidly losing an entire nation because successive generations of Majority Americans have continually refused to defend from predatory interests the very ground beneath our feet. We have literally allowed ourselves to be pushed aside as hordes of invaders chase us from neighborhood to neighborhood, a phenomenon known as “white-flight.” There will soon be nowhere left for our people to go.

America is a civilized country precisely because such was the mentality of those who built her. For centuries, men and women of European descent have carved their lives out of American soil. We have given birth to a nation which reflects our mentality and have established across an ocean a society the mirror image of that from which we originated. The progress we have made on this continent must be considered as owing its inspiration to thousands of years of biology-based cultural continuity, and is not something that can be spread willy-nilly throughout the globe.

Americans of European descent must awaken to the very real occurrence of our political and territorial dispossession. Unless our people band together at some point in the near future, children born of our kin, today, will live to see a time when their fair skin is a rarity and civilized society only the phantom of a bygone era.

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  1. Robert Jones says:

    I can remember when the PC doctrine was supossedly the creation of "the Great American Melting Pot". Now decades later they have modified their mantra to one of diversity & multiculturalism. That is diversity to the extent we disappear form the Earth altogether, and a multiculturalism that completely renders our noble culture subservient.

    They apparently have their goal well established in advance but sometimes find it neccessary to reformulate the verbiage to reflect actuality. They initially express their evil machinations in words less alarmimg, and then in due time, they shamelessly unviel their ulterior motives to a jubilant non-white world.

    .In other words, the politically correct shibboleth formerly known as assimilation, has now become an official policy of outright elimination.

  2. Zach Mecislav says:

    I really hope we can make this work. Here in South Florida where I live it seems utterly hopeless, we are unfortunately the minority here…

  3. voltaire says:

    Very good piece and yes We will band together brother,it's coming on strong !

  4. Donald Hauser says:

    If immigration was not restricted in the 1920's America already would be a majority non-white Latin America-Asian nation

  5. tipper obanion says:

    The American 3rd Position brings to the mind of those who don't stampede with
    the herd ; they sew
    And the fruits of their sewing will admired by their children.