Understanding the A3P Mission – Part 1

A3P Mission Statement

“The American Third Position exists to represent the political interests of White Americans.”

That’s the mission statement of the A3P, and, in 21st Century America, it’s a bold mission statement — one likely to be scrutinized by folks of every political persuasion. Without question, some might find it controversial. After all, White Americans aren’t supposed to have political representation. For them, even recognizing ethnic or cultural differences is socially prohibited,  and such violations of establishment code are often accompanied by severe penalty: attacks by the establishment media, harassment by the local authorities, expulsion from school, job loss, or social exclusion, at the very least. Pointing out glaringly obvious policies of racial discrimination against them, asking questions about their future as a nation and as a people, or pointing to the strong correlation that exists between an increasing population of aliens and increasing taxes, a breakdown of social cohesion, a deteriorating quality of life, loss of freedom and democracy, and a mass exodus of Whites from affected areas is met with similar hostility.

But the A3P is more than ready to take its lumps, and it’s more-than-eager to challenge a political orthodoxy that dissuades Whites from anything other than self-censorship. As a matter of preempting our political opponents, who will no doubt attempt to reposition us as something we’re not, let’s, now, carefully examine why the A3P’s mission is so vitally important.

Of Necessity

One glimpse at the Democratic party website serves as an adequate summary of the decades-long policy of anti-White discrimination that party has successfully institutionalized and codified into law.

The party specifically speaks to the unique interests of African Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, and Native Americans. In this manner, it acknowledges the fact that peoples are different and that they have unique interests. A product of their unique genetic composition, shared history, and common goals, these peoples, no doubt, do have unique, ethnic interests. And such interests merit being acknowledged, at the very least.

However, scrolling down the list of peoples whose unique interests are to be addressed by the party, one finds that there is a rather large component of the American population missing. Not surprisingly, this missing people is the 200M or so Whites whose ancestors braved absolute uncertainty in carving out of a vast wilderness what would become one of the finest nations the world has ever known.

Really, it makes a good deal of sense that the Democratic party would elect to omit Whites from its list of folks to be represented in the political arena. After all, if Whites do not exist, they certainly cannot be discriminated against. Right? For the unconscionable, it’s a rather convenient way to bypass the sort of basic moral code that has been the foundation of Western Civilization since its earliest beginnings.

This worldview, of course, erects the necessary framework for the party’s efforts in further institutionalizing racism against Whites, redistributing jobs and wealth to what the media lumps together as “non-whites”. It isn’t that Whites are told they cannot apply for state-funded grants or jobs. It’s that they shouldn’t bother applying for such redistribution schemes because they’re not on the list of people who deserve to be represented. In the eyes of the Democrats, Whites do not exist as a people, and, accordingly, they do not have any particular interests that need representing – like the destruction of their country, for example.

When a political body refuses to even acknowledge the existence of a people – its unique culture, identity, and way of life – as it does with all others, it becomes necessary for that people to represent itself. Such is the case with the American Third Position.

When, in absolute hypocrisy and condescension, such a body of people says, “The Democratic Party is America’s last, best hope to bridge the divisions of class, race, region, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We will succeed if we continue to govern by the same principles that have made America the greatest nation on earth — the principles of strength, inclusion and opportunity,” it becomes necessary to stand against it.

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  1. James Hallman says:

    There can no longer be any misunderstanding what concepts such as Multiculturalism and Diversity really means in this country, and that it represents the very distruction of our people and nation. It may be at times difficult to identify the very individuals responsible, even though under the present Presidential Administration it becoming easier each and every day, or too understand why so many of our own people seem to be willing idiots in carrying out this treacherous deed, but the effects of open borders, affirmative action, and other aspects of the cultural marxist agenda is blaringly apparent. Our people are " UNDER ATTACK "! And if we don't begin to form some semblance of racial solidarity, not only will we suffer; but also our children and their children will suffer, and curse this generation for not doing something to change present trends when they still had the ability to do so.

  2. Rettsin says:

    Well said.

  3. Obviously, many White people are fearful. Otherwise, they would not self-censor.

    I believe that the A3P is truly the last hope for White America.

    Now is the right time for White Americans to speak up explicitly for their ethnic, cultural, and economic interests.

    If European-descended Americans continue to pretend that no conflict of interests exists and that everything's just fine (living on mere hope), it will be like ignoring tooth-decay: yes, you will lose your teeth if you neglect them. If Whites face the situation of anti-White race prejudice now, they can prevent a lot of grief; if they refuse to assert their ethnic and cultural interests, one can only say that they are cowards and that they will reap an unpleasant harvest for their cowardice.