Wisconsin State Fair Same As Iowa State Fair, No Hate Crime Charges

At the Wisconsin State Fair on August 4th, hundreds of black people attacked white people once again.

The alleged attacks are part of a string of “flash mob”-generated violence around the country — including cities like Philadelphia and Chicago — in which packs of dozens or even hundreds of youths appear seemingly out of nowhere to commit assaults, robberies and other crimes against innocent white bystanders.

At the Iowa State Fair in 2010 scores of black people attacked white people while chanting “Beat Whitey!” The Des Moines law enforcement declined to classify the attacks as hate crimes.

On July 4th, a mob of black youths attacked, beat, kicked, robbed and stomped on a group of whites watching fireworks in Milwaukee (Source). One black youth claimed, “Oh, white girl bleeds a lot,” after assaulting Shania Perry. Several victims claim the local police downplayed the violence the night of the attacks.

Wisconsin Flash MobDuring the 4th of July fireworks display in Peoria, Illinois a mob of black people began screaming “Kill Whitey” and disrupted traffic by pulling people out of cars and not letting people drive by blocking the highway.The attackers also took fireworks and pointed them at police and firefighters-helping those who were attacked. Many of them, were burned and injured. The mob left black people alone and beat up as many white people they could find. According to eye-witness, the attack was racially motivated, however many local news papers refuse to acknowledge race.

On opening night of the fair last week, 31 people were arrested and at least 11 people were hurt. According to WCOQ, the West Allis police indicated that race did play a role (WCOQ Source), stating:

“… the ongoing investigations into 11 violent incidents on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair suggest race did play a role.

The 11 incidents included nine assaults, a robbery and an attempted robbery. All the victims were white or Hispanic and the offenders were described as African-American.

On opening night of the fair last week, 31 people were arrested and at least 11 people were hurt. The West Allis Police Department is handling some of those cases.” (WSAW Source).

On Wednesday, August 10, the West Allis police department now state that “… none of these incidents possessed elements that would prompt their prosecution as hate crimes.”

What? It’s déjà vu all over again!

In a report (via WLS-890 Am RADIO) a black Wisconsin teen admitted to targeting white people:

The investigation into 11 of the violent incidents on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair has resulted in the arrest of a 16-year-old African-American who reportedly told investigators he targeted whites.

West Allis police said Thursday the teen was arrested late Wednesday. The Milwaukee teen was booked on suspicion of attempted robbery and robbery. Police recommend that he face additional penalties for hate crimes.

Police say the teen told investigators whites were chosen because he considered them “easy targets.”

The State Fair has stepped up security since the attacks. [Emphasis added] News Source: The Blaze

But “none” of the attacks “possessed elements” that would prompt hate crime prosecution:

“The police department issued a statement with details of arrests, saying ‘None of these incidents possessed elements that would compel the pursuance of a ‘hate crime’ prosecution.”

Witnesses reported attacks on the opening night of the fair that seemed to be racially motivated with young African Americans beating up white fair goers, but police say at this point there is not enough evidence to support such claims.”

That seems to contradict an AP report.

It also seems to contradict the Justice Department’s definition of a hate crime:

the “violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, or disability.”

“The American Third Position believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against whites, and that whites need their own political party to fight this discrimination”

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  1. I Agree says:

    Blacks have always hated jewish people. Ever since they started the slave trade.

    • Buddy says:

      If by "jewish" people who started the slave trade you mean "Portugese" then you are correct. If you mean it as any sort of anti-semitic slam, then you are…. a complete idiot. In addition, I think your sweeping generalization of blacks hating jews is equally stupid.

      Other than those small points you've made a brilliant statement!

      • American3P says:

        The largest slave trader in the Americas, Aaron Lopez (Duarte Lopez), was in fact Portuguese. Duarte Lopez, was a Jewish merchant and philanthropist. He became the wealthiest person in Newport, Rhode Island, in British America. The oldest synagogue in the United States, the Touro Synagogue in Rhode Island, was financed by Aaron. Also, while \”The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews\” describes Lopez as “Newport’s leading participant in the Black Holocaust”, historian Eli Faber determined Lopez underwrote 21 slave ships during a period in which Newport sent a total of 347 slave ships to Africa, and Faber dismissed Lopez’s ventures in the slave trade as “an infinitesimal part” of the British slave trade. By the beginning of the American Revolution, Lopez owned or controlled 30 [slave] vessels.

        I want to point out that many African Americans make no distinction between Jewish people and white people, to the advantage of Jewish people. Therefore, many believe that Jews receive a disproportionate amount of blame for slavery. Jews were the largest per-capita slave owners in the Southern States and in Brazil, which had the largest slave population in the Americas. Confer, Dr. Tony Martin’s .

  2. John Sumner says:

    A fair recently took place in my area. I did not go to it, but some grocery shopping brought me near the vicinity one evening. Sure enough, many of the attendees were walking along the street, and loitering in the store and its parking lot. Even though this area is still largely white, most of the fair-goers were black. To say they were foul-mouthed and menacing would be an understatement.

    I am no oldster, but I was lucky enough to have come of age when festivals, bandstands and other evening/outdoor events for the public were things to look forward to. My peers and myself (from a wide economic spectrum) were actually encouraged by our parents to get out and enjoy these after-sunset activities. And without chaperons!

    For several reasons, this is no more. I believe that many of us are starting to understand that it is delusional to believe that race is not one of the most important factors. And it is a good thing that this is happening. Our young people do not deserve a country of fear, ugliness, thuggery and disorder, and that is what is presently being bequeathed to them.

  3. YTAmerican says:

    It will take a few, legally armed white Americans to end these race-crime attacks. Sadly, once a white guy protects himself and family against a mob of 20 black teens he will no doubt be charged with a hate crime murder or assault.

    But if that's what it takes, then that's what it takes… it will happen soon.

  4. John C says:

    The media seems anti-white in this country, that much has become obvious. Years of forced racial integration and social engineering is finally unraveling; race riots in Britain, flash mobs of blacks attacking whites across the country, and the list goes on. The media is hoping to sweep this under the rug. That’s why we need a party like American 3P to represent us, because it is clear the media “watchdogs” are not watching out for us.

  5. JamesinUSA says:

    There was a brief reference to these attacks on the Fox News , but the host said that it was uncertain what was behind these attacks. The mainstream media knows good and well what these attacks are all about. It's racially motivated attacks by blacks against whites. Something that the mainstream media would like to have most people think doesn't even exist in the United States. But you can't continue to hide the obvious. The fact that the local authorities refuse to see these attacks as 'Hate' crimes only proves that there is a double-standard in place when it comes to prosecuting perpetrators of such crimes,

    • Rob says:

      I have to agree with JamesinUSA 100%. This topic just came up in other situation, the one involving Casey Anthony. I read an article that listed over 20 links where completely horrendous crimes were prosecuted and lightly sentenced. Several of those were ones where the parents put the child in a oven or BOILED them. We do not hear of those cases across the nation, yet Casey Anthony is EVERYWHERE. The media does not like to admit that there is a black-on-white crime problem. I can assure you if the same exact thing happened with white-on-blacks, that those whites would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It would be labeled as a travesty and the nation would be calling for the heads of the suspects. How long is it going to take for the world to realize that many of the hate crimes are actually committed by non-whites?

  6. Steve says:

    How do we spread our message to main stream white people? We need to have strategy sessions whereby we encourage awareness of our movement at churches, social groups and other places. I live in Long Beach, Ca and have never heard of any meetings of A3P in the area. We need to connect with each other.