$400 Million in Foreign Aid to Palestine

Another $400 million in foreign aid is being sent to the middle east. While Americans are suffering and struggling to find jobs and make ends meet, Obama is driving us ever deeper into debt by taking it upon himself to bailout the Palestinians.


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  1. american4america says:

    American's need to grow a spine and realize that people in other countries are trying to undermine all of our efforts to prosper. BUY American products, don't give money to foreign "charities", don't buy Chinese lead baby toys.

    China tries to kill our children with lead baby toys and then we buy more of their inferior products….??? Wake up people it's time to fight back.

  2. Ladybat says:

    WHAT ABOUT THE 4 BILLION GOING TO ISRAEL EVERY YEAR??? what about the billions more we give to Egypt and Jordan and any other country over there every year in exchange for their agreement not to make any problems for Israel while Israel murders innocent Palestinian people every day in front of our eyes? We not only give Israel 4 billion of our tax dollars every year to "israel" itself but we give billions more to the puppet governments around Israel TO PROTECT ISRAEL and look the other way while Israel commits war crimes. ALL THIS DONE WITH AMERICA'S MONEY AND AMERICAN MADE WEAPONS. What did the people of Palestine ever do to any American people to deserve this being done to them? NOTHING! End all US aid and blind support for the false illegal state referred to as "israel homeland for the jews and the jews only". To support israel is to support war criminals no different from the Nazis! This horrible mistake known today as "israel" is the reason the whole world hates us! This false war mongering state "israel" would not even exist in the first place if it were not for the United States of America! And it has meant nothing but death, war and destruction ever since! America is the only country who has any chance of ending this terrible horrible mistake before it is to late for all of us! And even eventually to late for America herself! JUST LOOK WHAT ISRAEL DID TO OUR OWN NAVAL BOAT THE USS LIBERTY!!! MURDERED OUR OWN SERVICEMEN! DOES THAT LOOK LIKE ISRAEL IS OUR FRIEND TO YOU? FOR PETE'S SAKES WAKE UP!

  3. nicole says:

    wow! dumb to give any foreign country american money they hate americans! Palestine can get money from islamic countries that support them and have tons of oil money. arabs hate us. 400 million we shouldnt give 1 cent to Palestine! WAKE UP AMERICA! TIME TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST MUSLIMS DONT BE AFRAID OF THEM! THEY ARE RAGING WAR ALL OVER EUROPE ALSO THEY WANT TO SCARE PEOPLE AND TAKE OVER!

  4. inquisitor says:

    Bad politicians who serve themselves. What's new?

  5. derek says:

    Palestine, a few mil. Israel, many billions. Why are we giving so much to the Palestinians??

    These guys are sharp!

  6. ArchAngel says:

    How can you be taken seriously if you don't complain a hundred times more about the aide money to Israel?