Anti-White Hatred Reaching New Zenith

Government anti-white hostility and pressure from the Obama-backed NAACP are the reasons why the Black Panthers who racially abused and threatened whites outside a Philadelphia polling station were not prosecuted, two former Department of Justice (DOJ) officials have revealed.

According to Christopher Coates, former voting chief for the department’s Civil Rights Division, the “Justice Department is ignoring civil rights cases that involve white victims and wrongly abandoned a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party last year” and is committing a “travesty of justice.”

Mr. Coates detailed how the DOJ “cultivates a hostile atmosphere against race-neutral enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.”

He said that civil rights attorneys only take up cases representing non-white victims and that the Philadelphia Black Panther case was dismissed “following pressure by the NAACP” and “anger” within the Justice Department.

That anger was the result of their deep-seated opposition to the equal enforcement of the Voting Rights Act against racial minorities and for the protection of white voters who have been discriminated against,” Mr. Coates said.

He added that a 2005 case against a black official in Mississippi over voter intimidation claims had stirred a “backlash in the department” and “from civil rights groups” in exactly the same way that the New Black Panther case had.

The New Black Panther members were videotaped outside a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 dressed in black uniforms brandishing a billy club and shouting racial insults in support of then candidate Barrack Obama.

Initially charged with intimidation, the case was dismissed last year after the department got one of the New Black Panther members to agree not to carry a “deadly weapon” near a polling place until 2012.

Mr. Coates pointed out the obvious, namely that the reasons given for dismissing the case were “extraordinarily strange” and “weak” after another of the Black Panther members was let off the hook because a local police officer had determined he was a Democratic Party poll watcher.

He urged the commission to consider what would have been said if the Panthers had been members of the Ku Klux Klan.

To understand the rationale of these articulated reasons for gutting this case … one only has to state the facts in the racial reverse,” he said.

In July this year, former Justice official J. Christian Adams testified that his former employer showed “hostility” toward cases that involved white victims and black defendants.

The NAACP, which Mr. Coates pinpointed as a key player in the moves to get the Black Panther case squashed, is a firm ally of President Obama and he has addressed that body numerous times, never missing the opportunity to fan the flames of hatred against white people.

For example, in July 2009, President Obama blamed whites for “societal ills” affecting the black community, saying the “legacy of the Jim Crow era is still felt, albeit in different ways today.”

Make no mistake, no mistake: the pain of discrimination is still felt in

America,” Mr. Obama said, “by African-American women who are paid less for the same work as white men, by Latinos “made to feel unwelcome,” by Muslim Americans “viewed with suspicion” and by “our gay brothers and sisters, still taunted, still attacked, still denied their rights.”

More than 50 years after the Supreme Court’s landmark segregation case, Brown v. Board of Education, the dream of a world-class education is still being deferred all across this country” as black students lag behind white classmates in reading and math.

Given that sort of rhetoric, it is little wonder that anti-white attitudes are spreading throughout government departments.

The American Third Position intends to organize white Americans politically to meet this challenge to the future of our nation head-on, and needs your help today.

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  1. Shamus O'malley says:

    As long as white people continue to stare at TV, the white race will continue to decline. Media has an agenda & the agenda is clear. breed the urban black thug w/ the gullible brainwashed white girl. Make the parents feel guilty if they object. When the black thug avoids his responsibility to raise the child, the white grandparents should gladly raise their white daughters mistake – all w/ a smile.
    When the mixed child becomes indoctrinated into the educational system – the young mulatto can jump on the bandwagon & resent whites no matter how good a childhood he recieved. EXACTLY LIKE BARACK OBAMAS DADDY.
    Notice in everyday society how many white families you see raising little blacks kids. Specifically white grandparents. You see it everywhere, the grocery store, the gas station, everywhere. Ask yourself, when is the last time you saw a black family raising a white child? the answer is most likely NEVER.

  2. octoberfreedom says:

    Whites need to get involved, or else we'll continue to face repeated assaults on our civil rights.

    I think the A3P should have an A3P representative open a booth at this years European-American festival.

  3. Sam in Tennessee says:

    As A 72 year old I can tell you that until about 50 years ago everyone knew the fact that blacks were mentally much less capable than whites and orientals. The left simply cannot accept this fact or refuse to admit it so long as they can keep the blacks dependent on them. There are tons of literature out there testifying to this fact. What makes me absolutely sick to my stomach is the white guilt that has been perpetrated in this country. Sam

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    When are White people going to wake-up to the obvious fact,that the Civil Rights Movement had more to do with the ongoing power struggle between the races and opposing ideologies than it had anything to do with Civil Rights. You would think that a people who had known a history of slavery and institutional discrimination would bend over backwards to insure the civil rights and fair play of all others once in a position of power. but just as we have witnessed in the attitude and actions of powerful individuals such as our nations black President and Attorney general, we clearly see that these people could care less about the civil rights of white people.

  5. American3P says:

    I imagine these establishment types have no idea how deadly serious the consequences of their words are.

    The A3P will hold them to account.

  6. Jim says:

    " black students lag behind white classmates in reading and math."

    What if black students lag behind because they just do? We accept visible physical differences, such as skin, what about non-visible differences, such as how the physical brain processes information? The same environmental conditions that gave rise to darker skin, might have given rise to different levels of ability in reading and math.

    No . . .can't be that, that would be racist, and every labeled as such is always incorrect, right?